Introduction Explainer videos rule the marketing jungle! We all know that video content is more alluring to the viewers nowadays. Researchers say that   95% of the people have watched an explainer video to learn about the product or service. Most marketing professionals have a firm conviction that videos are something they can vouch for every […]

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Explainer videos can prove to be heavy on the pocket if they don’t generate ROI, leads, and other common benefits. This is why it’s so important to take out the time to plan an explainer video so it converts and you can reap the rewards! After all, you deserve it. This article will guide you […]

What do you think hooks viewers on your website the most? Design and catchy headlines are one thing, but we are talking about attentive engagement. Since 65 percent of us are visual learners, our eyes follow website pages with animation or videos more intensely than those with static content. The catch is that an animated […]

Are you thinking of starting a business but worried about the budget for advertising? No need to worry! The more you invest in advertising, the more you get in return. In this modern world, advertising is the key to a successful business which is why most companies spend a major chunk of their budget on […]

Do you remember the good old days when you would buy fake money with real notes just to play? After a while, you would get bored and think, oh well, I wasted my money on the wrong thing!  Well, the same mistake we make as grownups. Just to have some savings, we end up wasting […]

Which company doesn’t like growth? And growth becomes easier when there is a 2D Cartoon Video production in brands’ strategies. Businesses that use animated videos in their marketing campaigns get 300% more sales and leads.  Reason? Animated videos are easy to grasp! Also, consumers prefer watching videos over reading blocks of text.  Do you want […]

There is no doubt that you must prioritize video marketing in order to achieve the desired rate of return from your marketing campaigns. The increased demand for explainer videos has even changed the way we publish blogs these days, as boring text blogs are no longer enough to pique the reader’s interest. When it comes […]

Adding humor to your animated explainer videos works exceptionally well to attract and engage customers toward your business. But yes, not all explainer videos can be funny. It depends on the products and services that you offer. Humor is a compelling tool that comes with great responsibility. When you use humor in a video, it […]

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