Can We Use Humor in Explainer Videos?

Adding humor to your animated explainer videos works exceptionally well to attract and engage customers toward your business. But yes, not all explainer videos can be funny. It depends on the products and services that you offer.

Humor is a compelling tool that comes with great responsibility. When you use humor in a video, it considerably reduces boredom and dullness. But be careful not to overuse humor because it overshadows the core message of your products/services. After all, 87 percent of marketers think that they acquire better ROI with the help of such videos. So, always highlight the value proposition for your specific target audience. Not just this, but plenty of factors matter when you opt to add humoristic elements in your animated explainer videos.

  1. Well, do not fret!

In this blog, we have mentioned four important guiding tips for you. Follow these points while creating spellbinding animated videos.

  • Incorporate Humor in the Explainer Video Script

The best way to add humor to your storytelling animated explainer video is to begin your script in the simplest possible manner. Remember, the purpose of explainer videos is to stick your brand message in audiences’ minds, so it is essential for you to use effective metaphors and comical aspects. Do you remember that talkative donkey from the Shrek series (animated movie)? If you answered “yes”, then obviously you are familiar with the hilarious humor that the character used.

For example, the donkey says in a scene, “Blue Flower, Red Thorns, Blue Flower, Red Thorns…It would be so much easier if I wasn’t colorblind!” Not to be counted out, but the dialogues of the donkey gave life to the entire movie, compared to the other cast. Likewise, as a scriptwriter, you too can incorporate light tone narration or dialogues to brighten up the viewer engagements.

  • Use Literary Devices Appropriately

Explainer videos can be happy, funny, and sad. But you need to be more careful when designing such videos for the B2B brands, specifically targeting managers and executives. They are concerned about the bottom line of the products and services in the videos instead of using humor or metaphors. And they look for hardcore information only.

Fun and humor can be a part of a brand product. For example, to sell kids apparel and shoes, you can use funny superhero elements to solve the customers’ problems.

Take another example of Taco Bell Viva Mas 2013 Superbowl Commercial. The ad had all the oldies making the most of a night with Tacos. The use of a concept, characters, humor, music, and colors brought a strong, distinct idea of rebelliousness to the audience.

In the same way, you can include various ideas but always be certain about your target audience.

  • Add Humor with Realistic Situations

Perfect humoristic animated explainer videos incorporate real-life situations. Admit that no one likes pretentious or fake scenarios. Likewise, avoid that too when creating explainer videos.

For example, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) used humor as the character makes a hectic tour in the warehouse to anticipate the audience along with the real-world concept.

The video combines elements of comedy, wit, and sales pitch at the same time that eventually made the video go viral on social media platforms. It is absolutely true because when you make your audience laugh, it actually helps you to acquire 75 percent of their trust.

If you also plan to add a comical touch to your video, keep in mind that you use a conversational tone to intact your brand message in the entire video. Do not let your sense of humor get in the way of what you are delivering to customers.

  • Adjust the Timings of your Humor

When it comes to humor, timing is everything. Applying unexpected components of humor in animated explainer videos at the right time can effectively keep things fresh, exciting, and vibrant for the audience.

For example, you can talk about your business competitors in the middle or end of your video in a humoristic tone by making your company’s characteristics as amusing as possible.

Since explainer videos have a short duration, you need to be creative enough to think out of the box in a few seconds. Experiment with different ideas/ concepts in your script to see which one works best for your brand. Your video will be good to go once you figure out the best delivery and timing for making others laugh.

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To boost the quality and efficacy of your explainer video, you need to add some literary techniques such as comedy or humor. When you use it subtly and appropriately, the viewers remain engaged throughout the video. But before you proceed, notice and take hold of all the minor elements involved in the process of animated explainer videos. This blog can be your ultimate guide!

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