Video Trends for 2022 and Beyond

As video remains the most engaging form of online content, any marketer or business owner who wants to stay on top of the digital marketing game should be aware of the types of video trend that are most successful right now, as well as what to expect in the coming year and beyond.

While creating and posting video content nowadays may not necessitate anything more than a smartphone, and an internet connection, it is important to be aware of current trends. Whether you are running a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, animated explainer videos are imperative for your venture to excel in the industry.

Explainer videos have been a huge success in this era. According to Hubspot, The vast majority of people (94 percent) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84 percent being persuaded to buy.

Now, for you to enjoy your business success as well, you need to stay updated with the latest video advertising trends for the upcoming year, and some of them are as follows;

Interactive Videos

Interactivity is one of the best examples of where video content is heading. Users want to interact with the brands they follow more than ever before, and watching interactive videos allows them to take control of their experience, making it more memorable.

Vertical Videos

If you want to avoid awkward resizing and a lack of optimization across devices and social media platforms, choose a vertical format for your videos. Vertical videos are much less likely to be cropped strangely by platforms and mobile websites, and they are preferred by online users over horizontal ones.

Customized Videos

Personalizing content is not a new trend, but it is a relatively new trend for video content. More personalized videos are emerging, and they are showing promising results in terms of keeping users engaged and making them more likely to share the content.


Stories, which have been made extremely popular by Facebook and Instagram, are among the most engaging types of video content. You can increase your followers by publishing stories regularly.

Live Streaming Videos

What live videos can do for businesses is provide proof of authority by demonstrating your ability to demonstrate knowledge in your field immediately. When you present your content in a live video, you appear confident, experienced, and ready to interact with your audience.

Search-Optimized Videos

It is critical to optimize video content for search results because Google allows users to find specific information without having to watch the entire video in search results. You can better target your content to specific search queries if you label and segment it according to the subtopics you cover. Tags can help users find the videos they’re looking for, so use them whenever possible.


Vlogging is the next best thing for your brand, and having a YouTube channel where you constantly publish new videos is a great way to supplement your strategy.

360° Product Videos

A more targeted, sales-oriented video marketing strategy is to use short videos of your products to introduce them to users browsing your online store. When shopping online, people want realistic, detailed pictures and descriptions of products, and videos are a great way to show details and present the products in a more relatable context.

Videos with Captions

Make sure your video is captioned or has text overlapping that explains the content to ensure your message gets across. This practice can be frequently observed on renowned digital platforms such as Facebook and video streaming giants such as; YouTube.

Over to You

As you can see, there is a lot to learn and discover when it comes to improving the style and quality of your video content. You will maintain a high rate of success for your video marketing strategy if you stay up to date with the latest video trend and are aware of what works for audiences today.

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