Are Explainer Videos Worth the Investment? Costs Vs. Benefits

Are you thinking of starting a business but worried about the budget for advertising? No need to worry! The more you invest in advertising, the more you get in return. In this modern world, advertising is the key to a successful business which is why most companies spend a major chunk of their budget on advertising. Although, there are many different tools for marketing. But only some are useful and popular. Out of all, an explainer video is a modern and effective tool that you cannot miss out in 2022.

In today’s fast-paced world, video is one of the most dominant content types. As people have less time and hardly give attention, a text-only approach is no longer sufficient to attract customers. The success of an explainer video in businesses has increased the demand for animated video explainer companies. 

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short film commonly used in marketing videos to explain a business idea in less than 90 seconds. It aims to communicate engagingly. The making helps your audience to understand the company, product, and services. It is an enchanting visual style to capture the viewer’s attention. Here are a few types of explainer videos.

1. Animated Explainer Videos

In the current times, Animated explainer video is undoubtedly the most popular type in the marketing world. It is an affordable option for all sizes of firms. Animated explainer videos use different techniques, and a few common ones are 2D vector, Typography, and motion graphics. You can check out more of these techniques at the Animated video explainer company. It has the power to provide creative freedom.

2. Live-Action Explainer Video

It is more of a traditional approach with no animations. The purpose of a live-action explainer video is to explain a product or service. We film these videos using real people, objects, and locations. Such an explainer video is fruitful for businesses offering people-oriented services or selling physical products.

3. Whiteboard explainer videos

Another popular type of explainer video is a whiteboard explainer video in which animation is drawn and erased on a whiteboard. Whiteboard explainer videos provide a platform for marketers to help the viewers explore a product or service. Its animations help to deliver complex messages and keep the audience engaged. It is the cheapest style of explainer videos.

Cost Vs. Benefits?

Let us compare the cost and benefits of an explainer video. According to the valuable results, as shown by many businesses, it is clear that the benefits have undermined the cost of an explainer video.

Cost of an Explainer Video

There is no definite figure for the cost of an animated video explainer company. It all depends on the production and video style. It includes length, style, turnaround time, quality, and the reputation of the producers. You can go through Simply Explainer to get an idea of pricing with the detail. It can vary depending on many factors, like the studio and the animation style you choose.

Benefits of an Explainer Video

People are not aware of the brain science behind the explainer video. It happens to be a secret formula of why they work so well.

Explainer videos combine audio and visual stimuli to explain a concept that is easy to understand. The fusion increases the customers’ retention rate.

There are 95% of people who watch an explainer video to learn more about a new product or service. And 81% of people are ready to buy a product after watching an explainer video.

There have been proven results for many businesses. Take the example of Dropbox; it is a renowned brand with a desirable marketing budget. They didn’t start like that, but after investing in the Explainer video, they got a Boosted ROI. Another example is Crazy egg. The firm invested in an explainer video and got a hike in its conversion rate by 64%, and the monthly income increased by $21000. Besides this, Explainer videos help focus on the brand, boosting SEO rankings, unlocking creativity, achieving Kickstarter success, increasing click-through rates at a lower cost, and a surge in social shares.

Are you making up your mind about an Animated Explainer Video Company?

Explainer videos are perfect for presenting what your company is offering. And if you are looking for a company to make you an ideal explainer video, get in touch with Simply Explainer.

We have a team of hard-working professionals who help you go a long prosperous way and make you stand out in the industry. Animated Video Explainer Companies are the future!

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