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Explainer videos rule the marketing jungle!

We all know that video content is more alluring to the viewers nowadays. Researchers say that   95% of the people have watched an explainer video to learn about the product or service.

Most marketing professionals have a firm conviction that videos are something they can vouch for every time. In fact, 97% of marketers think that explainer videos helped them understand how to boost their sales.

Now, most marketers want to have an explainer video from top-notch production companies that can help them to boost conversions.

That’s 100% true!

Things To Consider Before Choosing  Explainer Video Companies

Now that if you have decided to use an explainer video for your brand, it’s more important to choose a top drawer company to partner with. So start looking for agencies that are known for delivering outstanding results!

You should consider these things in mind before choosing a video explainer companies.

  • Reputation

A formidable reputation in the marketplace is important for the profile of a good company.

You should search about the company’s profile, ratings, reviews, and testimonials before making up your mind to vouch for the particular agency. 

  • Portfolio

A company’s portfolio displays the dynamics of its projects. It gives an insight into key details about the standards of services.

As a customer, it’s important that you must look into the prominent work of the agency you might be working with to get an idea if they can live up to your expectations or not.

  • Clientele

It’s important to check what most people say and why they trust the companies for their businesses.

  • Commitment

Research about the level of commitment the company possesses. This will help you in understanding if the company delivers up to the highest standards and follows timelines effectively.

7 Best Explainer Video Companies

We think these are some of the best notable explainer video companies you should consider working with. 

  • Simply Explainer

Simply Explainer is one of the best explainer video companies extending its services across the globe. Since 2010, they have created 5000+ projects for high-profile clients like PayPal, Verizon, Western Union, etc. They have progressed steadily to live up to their audience’s expectations; that’s why they have received some honorary mentions from Clutch, Entrepreneur, GoodFirms, Forbes, etc.

They are skilled in making explainer videos, 2D & 3D animations, motion graphics, infographics, and much more.

In short, they know how to satisfy their clients to the fullest.

Surf through their portfolio and connect with them to get your best explainer video. 

  • Video Explainer

Video Explainer is a top-notch explainer video production agency. They have been rated 5 stars by reputable enterprises like HP, Johnson, AVG, Microsoft, etc., for their exceptional work.

They have expanded their portfolio over time to serve their customers with the best. Statistics suggest that they have worked with around made over 10000 explainer videos for 7000+ clients to match the projections of their needs. They believe that videos can help businesses to go from level 1 up to level 100 in no time if used subtly.

Get in touch with Video Explainer, and experience the power of explainer videos like never before. 

  • Epipheo

Epipheo is a well-known production company that follows a benchmarking strategy in creating great explainer videos. They know how to satisfy their audience’s needs by blending their side of the story with exciting visuals and animations. We must say that they have been exemplary in dealing with all kinds of videos. Their teams are skilled in producing notable works for their clients to serve their purpose effectively. 

  • Yum Yum Video

As the name depicts, YumYum produces yummy explainer videos. They have the resources to create explainer videos, animated videos, whiteboard animations, etc. They’ve been attracting marketers since 2010 with their clean and high-rated work. From day one, they’ve been targeting all the industries to make their portfolio stand out from the rest.

Hence, their processes indicate that they prefer quality over quantity. 

  • Explainify

We have Explainify as our next recommendation. Many corporate clients have trusted Explainify due to its expertise in making brand videos, explainer videos, PR videos, product videos, etc. Their mission is to make things simpler through the language of videos to make people understand them better. That’s why they follow unique strategies in producing dazzling explainer videos. 

  • BLU BLU Videos

BLU BLU has translated the brand’s personality through mind-blowing explainer videos for IKEA, Forbes, EuroNet, etc.  They are now developing their skills to make videos for all the industries to diversify their focus. In short, they know how to make you create brand-centric explainer videos that can inspire the masses. 

  • Wyzowl

Professionals at Wyzowl know how to make your brand resonate with your audience. They do that with captivating explainers and animated videos. So if you are looking for top-rated videos that can increase your visibility, then you must team up with Wyzowl. They give meticulous attention to details in creating videos for big enterprises.

A good explainer video can do wonders for your brand if it hits the right note.

So choose your partner wisely!

Make them understand the true essence of your brand.

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