Animation and its Impact on your UX

What do you think hooks viewers on your website the most? Design and catchy headlines are one thing, but we are talking about attentive engagement. Since 65 percent of us are visual learners, our eyes follow website pages with animation or videos more intensely than those with static content. The catch is that an animated explainer video can be your biggest asset in building an interactive website.

A brutal challenge here is the excessive use of mobile phones that has shortened the attention span. To stand out as unique, you must satisfy users with the overall experience. Animations are easily noticeable, but that’s not it. This blog has all the ‘beyond basic’ perks animation brings to your UX. 

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1. Emotional Appeal

Remember the time when we used to watch cartoons? The good old days! Moveable elements or animated explainer videos revive the nostalgic feeling and create an inevitable bond. 

Not just that, animation can trigger decision-making too. It happens when the UX designer exposes them to the product with vibrant colors and designs. Now it depends upon the color used. Another emotional impact is on the behavior where the website has animations depicting users the steps to register, sign in, or act in a certain way. 

2. Screen Utilization

You may want to add everything to that small mobile screen, but a professional UX designer would never do that; it takes away the charm of negative space. Once you have filled the screen with the most appropriate elements, it’s time to replace the objects with other features. Here the animation keeps the people from getting lost. 

It boosts user interaction and seamlessly educates them about everything you want them to know. Animated transitions are more considerate and express the message of comfort and reliability. 

3. Makes Loading Time Exotic

No one wants to keep waiting for the website to load. It’s frustrating! That’s mainly because the users don’t know how long it will take. In fact, every second delay in loading a page drops the chances of page views by 11 percent. And no one wants that for their website! 

Animated loading sections revive the boring and clueless period into an engaging session. Even if your website loads within 2-3 seconds, don’t leave the users unaware. Above all, it gives psychological peace. 

Get your animated loading time bar from animated explainer video experts and see how this simple change will impact your website traffic, page views, and conversions.

4. Boosts Mood & Loyalty

Every brand needs to build an image that begins with the elements you use on your website. If your site looks static and with dull colors, imagine what the users will think of your brand? Now think contrary to this idea. Take a look at the first section of Simply Explainer. The background animated explainer video seems to communicate a funny and engaging story where there are characters, and any potential customer will be interested. 

Believe it or not, a brand that makes the audience smile has all the potential to grow a loyal customer base that lasts forever. 

5. Helps with User’s Cognitive Load

If you own a complex business, you should balance your user experience with animated transitions. It helps you avoid the cognitive overload that might frustrate the users and result in an increased bounce rate. Here we don’t mean to use excessive vibrate colors that do not resonate with your brand image. But be wise in choosing subtle animation that keeps the users connected. 

Ease the mental process by animating key objects on each page. Maybe you can try shaking the font or bringing the elements on the screen in a linear direction. Navigation can be another way to play around effectively.

Reach Out to an Animated Explainer Video Expert and Start Making the Difference!

Animation is the future! The fast-moving world looks forward to fun, engagement, and relief from the ordinary. Your website can be THE source to help them and make those potential audiences your loyal customers. To help you get started, we have told you the bare impacts animation creates on the UX. Now, it’s your turn to begin working on the model, reach out to an animated explainer video, and get your traffic going. We’d suggest working with Simply Explainers, the brand that has been in the industry for years and knows how to satisfy the clients of every niche. Best of luck with the change!

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