8 Steps to Plan a Highly Converting Explainer Video

Explainer videos can prove to be heavy on the pocket if they don’t generate ROI, leads, and other common benefits. This is why it’s so important to take out the time to plan an explainer video so it converts and you can reap the rewards! After all, you deserve it.

This article will guide you through the most important part of creating explainer videos, i.e, the planning. Let’s start!

How to plan an explainer video

Follow the simple steps outlined below to get a highly converting explainer video! It’s better if they are executed in the order that we’ve mentioned them. 

  • Outline the purpose of your explainer videos

First thing’s first, you need to be very clear about why you’re investing in explainer videos. This is important because your purpose will pave the path to what kind of an explainer video style will be best, how long the script will be, and so on.

Once you know exactly why you need an explainer video (more leads? More sales? Brand awareness?), other aspects of the planning phase pretty much fall into line themselves.

  • Identify your target audience

Scripts always work best when you know who your target audience is so you can create a persuasive message that will resonate with them, hence leading to a high conversion rate.

If you don’t know who your target audience is then your explainer video will be a waste on people who don’t care about the video’s niche, and hence won’t respond well, unfortunately leading your explainer videos down a path of failure.

  • What are your audience’s pain points?

It’s good that you have narrowed down your target audience, but you won’t want the message to be something they don’t care about, right? If your target audience is in the fashion industry, then you probably don’t want your explainer videos to be about, say, how good and important fashion is. Your audience already knows that.

However, if you spend a little time researching what issues your target audience face and the common pain points they share, then make an explainer video on that, we guarantee it’s going to be a hit and you’ll be getting customers before you even know it.

For example, if your brand is about making classy, high-fashion pieces at a low price, you can only imagine what’s going to happen. 

  • Craft a message

Now that you know your target audience and their pain points, it’s time to put them to good use. Your words should feel friendly to your target audience and they should feel like the video is directly talking to them. Almost like it’s made for them specifically (because it is).

Don’t talk to the audience, talk to the audience. There’s a fine difference there that you need to figure out. There’s no point in doing all that research on your target audience if you create a script and the point is lost on them.

Your audience should know what the video is addressing, what pain points it’s talking about, and finally (and most importantly), how the brand plans to solve those problems.

Break down your script as mentioned above, keep the tone friendly, and you have an amazing script ready. 

  • Choose the best explainer videos style

Now, after you decide on your script, you also have to decide what’s going to be the way to convey it, visually speaking. One of the main reasons why explainer videos are so engaging is exactly because of their style and animations.

No one can resist a good animation, not even adults! So you need to make sure the style that you choose to execute your video is fun and consistent with your message and brand. And also to keep the viewers hooked until the call to action, which brings us to the next point.

  • Choose your call to action

Remember when we talked about your goals for the explainer videos? This is where the call to action (CTA) comes in. If you want to get more visitors to your landing page, then your CTA will be a big pretty button directing (more like urging) the viewer to click on it and check your website out.

If you were aiming to get more leads, then your CTA will be an email form that will be integrated into the video itself so your viewers can put in their credentials easily.

Remember, there should be no extra steps required for the viewer (like going to a separate site page) to give up their emails. Make the process as easy and smooth as possible. People on the internet are not patient. 

  • How will you promote the explainer videos?

You have created an explainer video, congrats! We know it can be a daunting task. Now it’s time to promote it.

Explainer videos have the potential to go viral if done right, that’s how Dollar Shave Club sold their company for $1 Billion! Yes, you read that correctly.

So sit down with your marketing team and decide on the best plan of action to market your explainer video so it can get as many views as possible! 

  • Decide on how you’ll measure success

You should have certain metrics in place to decide how the explainer video performed. This will be in correlation to the purpose of the explainer video that you decided earlier. If more visitors to your website are what you wanted, then compare the specific metrics before and after the explainer videos went live.

This is pretty much it for planning and executing an explainer video. If you need more and detailed information, you can always check out this comprehensive guide we created to help you out!

Create your explainer video!

You must be feeling pretty excited after reading all that and thinking of all the possibilities you can unlock once your explainer videos go live! However… you can also be feeling a little overwhelmed. But that’s completely fine and understandable, considering we’ve been doing this for over 10 years now!

We can totally help you out and take care of the entire process, from planning to executing, all you have to is ask and let us know your requirements!

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