Voice-Over Vs Narration – What’s the Difference

The disparity between the narration and voice-over is slightly confusing for people since these two terms are interchangeable most of the time. 

Let’s discover some disparities in this blog!

Voice-over refers to a production technique that uses an off-screen speaker to articulate a story. When used in explainer videos, it adds an extra layer of charisma and allows viewers to comprehend the businesses better. 

On the other hand, the narration is a process in which verbal commentary is performed by a first-person, second-person, or third-person narrator. The splendid thing about the narration is that it is found everywhere in our surroundings. For example, the voices that we usually hear in stores, malls, parks, audiobooks, and YouTube is the form of narration. 

There are obviously some more similar and dissimilar factors about the narration and voice-over that need a thorough discussion. That is why in this blog post we have added a few traits that can assist you to make the finest narrative and voice-over videos. 

What Makes a Great Voice-Over?

  • Keeping Everything Short and Simple 

Audio and visuals are the two main important factors in explainer videos. And both of these elements depend on the script that binds them together. No matter whatever the services of a company might be, you need to connect with the audience using a short, simple yet engaging way. If you feel confused in aligning script and voice-over, another alternative option for you is to seek help from a notable video production company

  • Choosing the Right Voice Tone 

For explainer videos, speaking too fast can also make you sound salesy instead of persuasive while communicating the ideas of your products/services. Since 54 percent of consumers perceive videos as effective in understanding the products, they prefer videos incredibly crucial before making any purchase decision. That is why the tone should be clear, engaging, and convincing, whether telling a brand’s story or explaining the products. A voice-over artist must have perfect pronunciation and enunciation to employ a single pace throughout the video. 

  • Use of Call-to-Action 

The use of CTA at the end of 2D or 3D explainer videos can take your business to the next level. After sharing all important facts about the business and the service you offer, adding some basic points will help. Adding website and contact info will indicate what the users need to do next. It not only makes your content engaging but also reflects the customer’s buying decision. 

  • Captures the Essence of Businesses 

When you hire the right and skilled professional voice-over artist for your business, it can indeed captivate the essence of the products/services. You can conquer the hearts of the audience with explainer videos, from the start to the end. Adding humor, puns, metaphors, and light tone to the script and later verbalized through the voice-over maximizes the chances of conveying your message. Spare some time and read why voice-over is important in explainer videos? 


What Makes a Great Narration?

To know the key difference between voice-over and narration, you must understand a few characteristics of a great narration: 

  • Clarifies Complex Ideas 

A good narration turns complicated ideas and concepts into simpler ones because a narrator knows how to break down the messages into chunks. This part is pretty artistic but when rightly done, it can capture the listener’s attention from the start to the end of explainer videos or even a complete movie. 

  • Top-Notch Voice Quality

Thinking of top-quality narrative voice swiftly pops up the image of Morgan Freeman in the minds of those familiar with the Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar Baby. If you are familiar with this voice, you might have noticed that it is comprehensive, clear, and straightforward which gives a smooth voice quality to the entire storyline. 

  • Setting the Right Tone 

The right tone of the narration is set by the plot, storyline, and of course, by the characters. Suppose a story has two main characters including a hero and a villain along with some side characters. So, it is obvious that the attitude, personality, and disposition of each character vary from one another. The leading character will have a more optimistic, natural, and heroic tone as compared to that of an antagonist possessing a wicked and devilish tone. So, now you know well how the narration works. Right?

Transform your Written Concepts into the Verbal Ones by Hiring Skilled Voice-Over and Narration Artists!

Now you need to remember the differences between voice-over and narration, and do not think of them as entirely one but closely relatable. For the explainer videos, both are regarded as essential, however, it depends on businesses whatever they desire to choose as per their interests and preferences. 

So, if you decide to include auditory stimuli in your explainer videos to surpass the competitive edge, simply get in touch with Simply Explainers and hire professional voice-over artists. Undoubtedly, these experts are always ready to communicate with your target audience creatively and fascinatingly. Give them a call today at +(480) 660-2586 and benefit your company from the extra services that they offer to their valuable clients. 


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