6 Reasons Why Explainer Videos are Important in Coronavirus

Coronavirus has put a giant full stop on all activities ranging from education to just having a normal day out. Business operations have halted, movie premiers have been moving forward, and overall, the world, in general, is just having a hard time wrapping their head around this whole situation. No worries though, explainer videos are here to save the day again.

As of June 2020, more than 9.6 million people have been affected by COVID-19 and almost half a million dead because of it. These are some spine-chilling facts that we all have to face.

Don’t see how explainer videos can take care of it? After you’re done with this article, you will realize just how useful they can be. Let’s start.

The video marketing strategy you need during coronavirus

The following are some of the ways you’d never thought you could use explainer videos.  What do you know, they aren’t just some video marketing strategy after all!


1. Convey with Ads

It’s already common knowledge that explainer videos have great engagement rates which lead to high conversion rates which ultimately means that they are great for ROI! They are most commonly used as a video marketing strategy as they have a way of spreading themselves, hence creating brand awareness.

Because of coronavirus lockdown, you can’t do live shooting and have a whole team and crew for an ad. However, you can use limited and available resources available to you like the computer and internet to order an explainer video for your brand! It’s easy, fast, and effective. What’s not to love?

2. Spread entertainment

It’s hard to stay positive at times like this, so it’s important that you ground and entertain yourself from time to time. Leave it to the experts of video animations to create something lighthearted and fun to distract ourselves from the real horrors of the world outside.

The great thing about animated explainer videos is that they can make any idea come to life, there are no limits! There are endless ways to create unique characters, scenes, and stories. Your imagination is the key to creating them.

3. Viralize awareness 

Making people aware of the coronavirus is very important, especially since people are still not practicing social distancing as they are taking this pandemic lightly. But creating awareness about this topic is also very tricky as you wouldn’t want to spread fake news accidentally or induce panic.

Explainer videos, on the other hand, are created by professionals and have authentic information about the coronavirus. Plus, they have a high retention rate so whatever you end up watching, is probably going to stay with you and you can share explainer videos so easily too!

Since they are short and leverage animation for engagement rates, people tend to be more willing to watch the explainer video as opposed to watching a 20-minute, boring video on coronavirus.

4. Push the marketing campaign

We are no stranger to the fact that animated explainer videos are an effective marketing tool, in fact, the most affecting video marketing strategy. They result in high ROI, brand awareness, high engagement, and conversion rates, and are likely to go viral because of how short and insightful they are. Everything you need to run a marketing campaign.

Marketers use explainer videos to break down complex concepts and create demo videos to explain a product. The animation makes it easy to stay hooked to the screen and the video’s storytelling characteristic helps us to retain the information.

Moreover, because of coronavirus, many companies are running on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend a large chunk of money on other marketing campaigns. Explainer videos are a good return of investment which is what makes it even more appealing in these times.

5. Fuel the education industry

Coronavirus lockdown has forced students and teachers to work from home, going so far as to even giving exams online! Since teachers won’t be physically present to explain their students’ concept, their jobs can be even more tricky as they struggle to make them understand.

However, explainer videos specialize in explaining difficult concepts in short and engaging videos, hence the name explainer videos!

If used properly, explainer videos can really change online teaching while also giving children a break from coronavirus as animations are always a delight to watch.

6. Tap the medical industry

Many people have wondered about the origins of coronavirus, how it can affect our bodies, and how it’s evolving day by day. All of these questions can be answered in a simple yet fun way by the authorities through explainer videos.

Since there is no limit to what you can animate in explainer videos, they can be used to explain any concept to medical students as video aids to help them better understand and visualize the workings of our bodies.

With the right equipment and 3D animated explainer videos, interns and new doctors can even train with the help of these things before they get to perform on actual humans.


Now, do you see how explainer videos can be used in any industry to help with tasks that otherwise won’t be possible due to coronavirus? Explainer videos are a power-packed resource and it’s high time we start to unlock t’s full potential other than just use them for video marketing! Check out how companies used explainer videos as a video marketing strategy for coronavirus in this article!

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