5 Best Examples Of E-Commerce Explainer Video Product

Content is like water if you put water into a glass, it shapes the glass. If you put water into a bottle, it shapes the bottle, and if you put it in a teapot, it shapes a teapot. In this technological world, you will be out of business if you are not available on search. Although there are different types of content strategies, a video is a best and dominant content that works best for your business. Consumers always look for rich, engaging content to provide both information and entertainment. If you only look at TikTok, you will see its popularity with over 1 billion active users. It has blown up the video content market, and people desperately want to consume video content. Explainer video companies can boost Ecommerce business immensely, As video content can be used in several ways, from product pages to social media acquisition, to email newsletters and online ads. There are many other platforms alongside TikTok and YouTube, like all social media platforms can create and share different types of videos. In short, you can reach enormous potential by connecting with an explainer video company.

Advantages of Ecommerce Product Videos

You can get massive benefits by investing in eCommerce product videos, but it is only possible when you will connect with a well-known explainer video company.

  • Easier to digest

People prefer watching a one-to-two-minute video to reading a long article about your product. If I give you the option to choose between reading a long article about a product versus watching a video, I can bet you, you’ll choose the video. 

  • Highly engaging

Videos are a lot more engaging because they can show the real interaction between you and the customer. You can witness people’s facial expressions and body language on the screen. Viewers can also hear the diction and intonation of their voices. Video works as multi-dimensional. It creates a more descriptive and engaging experience for the viewers.

  • Valid and Proven

According to statistics, 66% of people preferred watching a short video over reading text-based articles to learn about a product or service.  

These statistics show us the power and effectiveness of eCommerce product videos. You can lose tons of money if you are not using it in your strategy, and you will be left behind with your competitors.

5 Best Examples of Ecommerce Product Videos

You must develop your eCommerce product video marketing strategies according to your business goals.

Here are some excellent product video examples that you can emulate and use in your product video.

1. Nike

You don’t have to have every video on your channels. You can find suitable influencers and sponsor content on their channels, too. It will benefit you get to tap into an existing audience that’s interested in products in your industry. 

Nike has been working with YouTube influencers successfully. If you can develop an enduring relationship with influencers, it could be fruitful.

The good thing is that you don’t need to have the budget of Nike nor work with massive influencers to create this type of video content. You can work with an explainer video company or smaller influencers that have a specific and relevant audience to your offering.

2. Panasonic 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver ES-SL33 

You can get the best results by showing your products from various angles and close-ups. It can give your potential customers a good idea about the items. It is a way of reassuring them what to expect from your products. They won’t have to rely only on their imagination or your static images and descriptions.  

The Panasonic 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver ES-SL33 product video is a perfect example.

3. PopSockets

Explainer videos are perfect for marketing today. You can target new customers as well as those in the consideration stage.

You need to show your product, explain how it works, and outline its key features. It can turn a potential buyer into a customer.

You can choose a few key features to highlight like, PopSockets. It strays from the classic, stuffy how-to with this video for a new product, the PopCase.

It showcases the product in all its glory.

4. Beardbrand

You can add a sense of authenticity to your e-commerce brand by making it real. There’s no better way to convince your customers. You can enhance the authenticity of your brand by using a review, testimonial, or customer story video.

Beardbrand’s YouTube channel has found a natural way to feature genuine, happy customers. They have used both short and long transformation videos. Its storytelling videos evoke emotion in the viewer with headlines. For example, a video of a Tiktoker who gets an awesome haircut & beard trim transformation.

5. NewEgg

Live videos are a great way to engage people. Viewers can make comments, engage with one another, ask questions, and even can respond in real time.

Interestingly, you can see people’s immediate reactions to new products and feedback in the comments section.

You can analyze users’ comments about the products alongside the live stream.

For example, Newegg’s video, It’s an explainer video carried out in an expert interview style with a moderator with a clear purpose and topic. People don’t want to watch a random stream of consciousness.

You can also take other approaches, such as going live at an event, doing a live tutorial, and so on. It is all about what your audience desires.

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You can get an advantage over your competitors by adding a compelling product video to your eCommerce site. You must follow the techniques and strategies used by the above brand videos. Reach out to an explainer video company that must have a skilled and professional team of video creators and marketers if you want to skyrocket your eCommerce sales. Simply explainer is one of the explainer video companies that can outshine your idea with an explainer video. You can contact us at +19297327807 or email [email protected]

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