How Long Does It Take To Create An Explainer Video?



It’s great that you have decided to create an explainer video for branding your new product. But you might not have an idea of how long it can take.

Well, it’s tricky to answer that!

But we have some guidelines that will give you an idea regarding the timeline of an explainer video.

Timeliness Can Be Tentative

A typical explainer video usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to produce, however, these timelines are tentative.

We cannot commit to any timelines before having an insight into our client’s requirements.

You need to plan out your production time after jotting down all the elements. A high-quality explainer video requires time and effort from both the developer and the client. So it is crucial that both of them mutually agree on a particular timeline.

The idea of an explainer video is to excite the audience distinctively. So you have to be vigilant in carving the best of your work that adds value to your brand.

Factors That Influence the Timelines of an Explainer Video

Several factors are considered when devising a timeline for your explainer video. Let’s put some light on each of them. 

  • Quality of the Video

Without any doubt, the quality of a video determines how much effort is needed to nail your work. Designing a top-notch explainer video is not a piece of cake as it requires brainstorming for hours till you get the right flavor. So if time is an issue, you can opt for template videos.

A template video is created using predefined characters, visuals, and animations available in a specific library, and they are easy to make.

They can be a swift solution if you have an urgency to create a video, but template videos have limited flexibility and feature set to play with. So they are not the best of solutions available.

87% of the audience wants high-quality content to relate with. In short, an eye-catching explainer video will take time, but it’s worth the money invested. It will surely dazzle your audience with your side of the story.

  • Type of Content

Content is the backbone of an explainer video.

We can say that video marketing is all about advertising your content through visuals and animations. The weight of your content will impact your timelines to maintain the right balance.

In retrospect, most marketers need ravishing content for their brand. Good content is research-oriented that takes more time than a standalone advertisement or product launch campaign.

Usually, the ideation process takes time, as good content needs improvement with time. So once your content is finalized, you are a step away from executing your plans!

  • Client’s Behaviour

We cannot predict a client’s behavior. Of course, we can have excellent or bad clientele, but you must critically deal with them.

Settling timelines can be stringent if your client’s not sure about what he wants.

Generally, many producers find it challenging to carve their projects if the client interferes in their mode of work.

If you are a client, Here is a tip for you: Give space to the producers so that they can create a stimulating explainer video for your brand to thrill the masses.

Processes Involved in Creating an Explainer Video

Creating explainer videos is a tiresome process that can be categorized into 7 steps:

  • Concept

The first process is to identify the main concept behind crafting an explainer video. It begins with gathering all the information from the client either by a questionnaire or a consultation session. 

  • Research

After having an idea about the main plot, then the research begins. Usually, production companies do ample research to understand the dynamics of the service that’s been demanded. 

  • Script

A great script always makes the explainer video extraordinary out of the ordinary. It requires brainstorming sessions to craft ideas that can stimulate the audience. The client can provide his/her script if he has one, or the agency can cook up a compelling script for him. 

  • Storyboard

After finalizing the script, creatives blend the script with fitting characters and ambient sound effects to carve an attractive storyboard. This step marks the 50 percent completion of an explainer video. 

  • Voiceover

The voiceover process involves voice actors that lend their voices to characters in the explainer video. It requires meticulous attention to understand the characters’ pitch and loudness to choose the best voice for them. 

  • Animation

The professional animators play with dynamic visuals to give intriguing effects to the explainer video. 

  • Publish

This marks the end of the video crafting process. The video is now ready to go live and inspire your audience.


The world is moving quickly. People count every second they invest in your services. Just like that, marketers need quick solutions to create an everlasting impact in a short time.

Well, explainer videos are now the trendsetters in video marketing. Marketers need to have time to create a mesmerizing video that can go viral. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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