Do’s and Dont’s of a Businesses Explainer Videos

Have you ever been in a situation where a product or concept has perplexed you and you don’t know where to turn? You are, however, not alone. We’ve all been in situations where we’re unsure how everything should fit together. When you discover gaps in your knowledge, video is a popular place to turn.

In fact, 70% of YouTube users watch “help with a problem” videos on the platform. As a result, creating an animated explainer video for your brand is an excellent way to fill in some of these gaps.

In essence, by informing your audience about the more technical aspects of your product or service, you are creating a more seamless user experience. No one, however, wants to sit through a drawn-out drawl on the intricacies of a particular technicality. It must be catchy, eye-catching, and entertaining. These are the three features that animation brings to the table.

Do’s and Don’ts of Explainer Videos

However, before you dive into video production mode, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating an animated explainer video. We can say that they are the dos and don’ts of creating explainer videos.


Use A Script

A script ensures that you will be able to say everything you need to say in the time allotted. We speak at a conversational speed of about 150 words per minute. Rapid-fire speech is ineffective.

Here’s an example of script timing:

00-20 seconds: The Issue

20 to 25 seconds: Your product or service is the solution.

25 to 50 seconds: How it Works- describes how the product or service works or how to get started.

50 to 60 seconds: Action Is Needed

The end result is a 60-second explainer video that is clear and concise. That should be your ultimate goal.

Interact With The Customers

If your video is engaging and entertaining to watch, your customers will not only watch it all the way through, but they will also share it and become brand ambassadors. Because it creates a sense of belongingness among the customers with your brand after they watch a perfectly executed emotionally appealing explainer video.

But not everyone can do this for you. It does look like it’s easier said than done. So it would be better to get onboard the best explainer video company like Simply Explainer as they make no mistakes.

Keep Your Message Simple

By focusing on your message, you allow your customers to absorb the information, make a decision, and reward you with their business.


Don’t Go, Solo!

We know you’re smart, and we understand how appealing it can be to try one of the DIY Explainer Video programs available. The issue is that time is money. How much time will you devote to research, scriptwriting, animation selection, voice-over recording, and video design? What is the value of that time to you?

It is recommended you hire an explainer video company like Simply Explainer – the best explainer video company.

Don’t Ramble

According to studies, 60% of your audience will not make it to the 2-minute mark. You must be succinct. So always try not to ramble too much.

Don’t Confuse Your Audience

Consider your video from the perspective of the customer. Even if your product or service appears simple to you, recall how you felt the first time you heard about it. Have some empathy.

Don’t Put Them To Sleep

Don’t make a dull video! Nobody wants to see that. They’ll click away if they’re bored. You can have the best invention in the world, but if your pitch is boring, it won’t sell.

For Whom Do They Work?

Everyone… No, seriously!

Simply Explainer has previously created explainer videos for members of the insurance, healthcare, technology, real estate, finance, and environmental industries. Precisely, it’s safe to say that Simply Explainer has proven to be beneficial for clients belonging to every industry.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg! One of the most appealing aspects of explainer videos is their adaptability. There will always be a way to deliver your explanation through the medium of animation, regardless of industry, style, or content.

So, if you want to be listed among those businesses that skyrocketed their sales with the help of splendid explainer videos, join hands with Simply Explainer. Once you get onboard, Simply Explainer will do the rest of the work for you. Connect with them to get started.

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