Tips for Designing Characters for your Explainer Videos

The most engaging and effective animated explainer videos are those that contain characters. When you add an interesting story with spellbinding characters, it increases 20 percent of the conversion rate. Well, that is why the business landscape of explainer videos marketing is always evolving, providing opportunities for explainer video services to develop and expand. 

Almost 94 percent of marketers consider videos as an integral marketing tool for their business because it enables them to showcase the features of their products and services. Always prefer strong animated characters having realistic facial expressions, gestures, and body language because these aspects communicate better than words. 

Here, we go! 

So, if you want to maximize the power of your explainer videos, here are some tips and tricks to craft your animated characters. Understand the value of characters and use them wisely in such videos. 

Why are Characters Important in Explainer Videos?

The use of animated characters in the explainer videos helps to set the right tone and mood of the video from the beginning to the end. It gives your brand a humanistic impression because characters can make your audience understand that you have the solution to the problem they encounter. In this way, people emotionally connect with your products/services. 

To make explainer videos more unique and effective, try to give the solution to your audiences’ problem through the dialogues or the narration of characters. When you add these key points in the video, it strengthens your brand’s online presence. 

Now that you have some idea about the importance of characters in explainer videos, let’s learn a few tricks about the designing of characters. 

  • Evoke Emotions 

Of course, animated characters are fun, that is why they should be colorful and lively to bring life to your brand’s concept. Humans are extremely sensitive to little gestures, even micro emotional actions, such as a flicker of the eyes, a mini subtle expression. 

For example, you can use grief, and rage which are barely visible expressions. The purpose of explaining everything is to let you know that incorporating minute details can have a larger impact on your videos. 

  • Add dialogues 

Be specific about the word choice of your character’s dialogue. It should not contain lengthy and complicated diction. Break down longer sentences into smaller and more understandable ones. Focus on what customers want to listen to. For example, if they want to know about your product’s features, add dialogues that share positive characteristics. Don’t forget to plan your core message within the period of 30 to 60 seconds, remember not more than this otherwise, viewers will get bored.  

  • Customization 

You can always use pre-installed templates and elements to create such videos but, it is far better if you go with personalization. It is simple and easy to customize your marketing strategy following the animated characters. Change colors, size, and style of characters, and places, for example, when creating cartoon characters, exaggerate the appearances, features, and dimensions. The best way is to picture those cartoons like your target audience and give them a chance to relate to their situation. 

  • Timely Exposure 

When you add the element of voice-over, it can add the aspect of timely exposure to the videos. For instance, the thundering of clouds, the wind blowing, water babble, etc. Flashback is another great method of bringing sudden exposure to the storyline. The basic purpose is to hold audiences’ attention with the help of exposition. 

  • Go with the Trends and Visuals 

Visual patterns are the most effective at enticing and attracting viewers. The videos may appear bland without them. However, because aesthetics change over time, follow the trend; for example, motion graphics videos are trending these days. Before proceeding, conduct thorough market research and find out what your audience wants. Always know what fulfills their needs and expectations. 

  • Consider Working on all Angles 

Depending on what you have in mind for your character design, you may need to consider how it will look from various perspectives. When seen from the side, a seemingly flat figure might take on a completely different identity, for example, if it shows that the character has a giant beer belly. Well, never overlook these points as it can ruin the personality of your characters. 

  • Choose Colors Carefully 

Colors assist in conveying a character’s personality. Dark colors, such as black, purple, and gray, are commonly used to show villains with nefarious intentions. While, blue, pink, and yellow are light colors that convey innocence and purity. For protagonists and main characters, use light colors, and for the side characters use moderate colors but try to make a balance. Monochromatic themes can also be a great idea to go neutral with everything. 

Explainer Video Services Neatly Fit Animated Characters in all Types of Videos!

The design of explainer video characters begins with setting goals, identifying the target audience, and adding emotions. The absence of such elements can never make a good explainer video for your brand. Explainer videos are ideal for demonstrating what your company is all about in a trendy style within a short timeframe. Such videos are entertaining, shareable, and educational, so there are no chances of making even minor errors. 

But if you think you can go wrong during the crafting of animated characters, contact Simply Explainers to help you out. Give them a call today at +(480) 660-2586 and bring perfection to your explainer videos. 

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