Why Your Explainer Videos Need a Touch of Humor

Every video is not worth the hype. Do you know why? Because boring explainer videos just take up the time and leave no lasting impact on the viewers. Well, that’s nothing to worry about, as out of all the options, you can knack your brand’s name with a touch of humor. Have you ever wondered how firms boost sales by working with the top explainer video services? The secret is the right appeal. 

Depending on your target audience, you need to figure out if humor can go along. And if it does, don’t have any second thoughts. Let’s help you with more reasons why humor can be the magic spell you always needed to cast.

1. Creates Lasting Impact

Very few people watch a video and instantly buy a product or service. You need to lay your ground with elements that the mind remembers. You can engage your viewers by connecting to their specific problems in a humorous way. Referencing simplified messages as creative means of communication makes your brand more human and helps the viewers bond. And since it triggers the emotions of joy once, people will remember the idea even after days, months, or even years of your video.

2. Adds Value to the Brand

The fact that “People remember our brand’s name” is itself a valuable attribute. Emotional connectivity can take brands to another level of success and competitive edge. Where others are in a rush to sell the product, you can team up with the top explainer video services and be authentic. Emotions do not always have to be suffering; you can play around with joy. 

Such content type is more likely to go viral and give an unrealistic hype. Well, that may be temporary, but the reach and value it brings along are uncanny.

3. Eases Communication

Communicating messages which are non-generic or hard to grab needs some additional effort. Especially if you are a newly launched brand and people don’t really take your posts seriously, hop on to a humorous approach. We recommend using the appeal in explainer video content as the format has another bliss of attracting the mass market. Since fun builds a rapport at many stages of life, you can use the element at your best and communicate the most complex messages this way.

Also, considering the hype of meme marketing among millennials and Gen Z, you can expect the best responses. Do you know that 75% of 13 to 36 years of individuals love to share memes? They want to make people laugh, and if your brand succeeds in being one of the reasons, it’s a win-win situation. 

Things to Consider Before Making Humorous Explainer Videos?

Deciding that you have to make a humorous explainer video is never enough. Certain guidelines keep you on track. We would never ask you to let the experts take care of everything from scratch. Since you own a brand, you need to prove it. And there is no better brand than the one that resembles its true personality in the content. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Do you know your character? 
  2. Does it reflect your brand’s ideology? 
  3. Can your ideal target audience relate it to their lives?
  4. Does it match with the explainer video theme?
  5. Is the context ethical enough and not offensive?

By answering such questions, you can visualize the purpose of what you are doing. Explainer videos are ideally 60 to 90 seconds. To motivate the users to watch the entire clip, you need to be satisfied. Once you have a rough idea of the key humorous elements, align your budget and start browsing top explainer video services. 

Always remember that doing it right begins with the clarity that you have. If you know your brand, the audience, how your brand adds value, and what nurtures your relationship, your potential to grow is the highest.

Begin Your Search for the Top Explainer Video Services!

Humour builds a lasting relationship between a brand and its customers. But in such a competitive market, you need to evaluate the humourous character you use, the message you communicate, and the action you want the viewers to take. Once you do, it’s time for the creative minds to showcase their message. And that’s when you need the top explainer video services such as Simply Explainers. The firm has years of experience and can comprehend funny characters into engaging explainer videos. We want your audience to laugh with you and build a rapport that resonates with your brand, idea, personality, and product/service. Reach us at [email protected] and discuss what we can do together!

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