Explainer Videos for Products Vs. Services: How do they Differ?

We live in an internet age, where the platform gets flooded with hundreds of videos every second. However, all videos are not valuable. Some videos are of value to you but not to some other people. Still, one thing we cannot deny is the growing demand for videos and explainer video production companies.

Out of all, explainer videos are now conquering the marketing world. Explainer videos have helped users understand a product or service as per 94 percent of the marketers. But have you realized there’s a difference between both the business types? 

The main difference between product and service explainer videos is that the service sector focuses on keeping customers engaged and helping them remember and recognize the brand. In contrast, a product explainer video aims to increase conversions and boost sales. If you are trying to get into the business and compete with the market, you have to use incredible videos in marketing. As a go-ahead, an explainer video production company, Simply Explainer, can help you make creative, innovative, and engaging videos.

What is an Explainer Video? 

It is an animated short online marketing video. Companies use explainer videos to explain a product or service. Mostly, explainer videos are on a landing page, the home page, or the main product page. It focuses on various types of practical problems, business, and product/service concepts to users in a simplified way. Such content types bring complicated concepts into simple ideas that are easy to absorb.

Here’s an example of a brand that showed the dumping problem. The video further addresses how the service benefits and brings convenience to people.

Types of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos include Live-action explainer videos, 2D Animated characters videos, infographics videos, 3D animation videos, typography, Screencast videos, motion graphics, live streams on social media, animated explainer videos, and whiteboard explainer videos.

Benefits Of Explainer Videos

Video is already the king in marketing content, but explainer videos have made it more effective. Some marketers noted that it is possible to get 66 percent more qualified leads yearly through explainer videos. Moreover, explainer videos convert landing pages 86 percent better. Websites with explainer videos have an average conversion rate of 4.8 percent compared to 2.9% for websites without them. 

Let us get into more details and the benefits of explainer videos.

1. Source of Grabbing Audience Attention

Getting attention is a challenging task in today’s world. According to research, the human attention span has declined from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015. It is an explainer video that is working as a powerful tool to get the attention of customers. It is human psychology; to attract more to entertainment videos than traditional web content. Animated videos can command you to watch them due to their exciting medium.

2. Simple Explanation of Complicated Concepts

It is not easy to explain every product. Sometimes it needs technical details like software and specialized equipment that needs detailed explanations. Users only buy a product when they understand its use. According to a survey, 98 percent of people have learned about a product or service after watching an explainer video. It is an effective way to bring characters into a real-life situation that connects with the brand.

3. Increases Web Traffic & Boosts SEO

The success of an online business is due to the viewers on the site. If you Google any term, you are most likely to see the list of videos on the first page of the search result. It shows that Google loves videos. In fact, a site with integrated video will get 50 percent more search engine users.

4. A Perfect Pitch

The best of an explainer video is that you can tell people about your product or service immediately. It helps you to give your pitch all over the world anytime. You don’t even have to be there. Always choose an explainer video production company like Simply Explainer. We have experts in generating a lot of different types of video content through our talented designers, scriptwriters, animators, and voice composers.

Explainer Video Production is What you Need!

Explainer videos for products and services differ in their characteristics, functions, usage, and benefits. Service explainer videos stand more on engaging and recognizing the brand. While the other inclines toward a particular product and aims at converting the potential leads. However, both are very interconnected.

If you want to describe your product and services with any animated video, our explainer video production company, Simply Explainer, can assure you of some exceptional results. We know how to ace those animations and help your brand grow immensely. 

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