The Importance of Topic Analysis in The Production of Explainer Videos

The explainer video is no less than an elevator pitch for a product or service of a company. What’s the most successful one you ask? The focused, concise, relatable, and to the point video. It contains the potential to communicate the value of your product or service in the shortest time possible. However, Explainer video production companies are best at grasping maximum viewer attention.

Comprehending is the key to success. There is always a specific aim for animation, or else you get stuck or have an unsatisfied product. Where do they occur? Preferably on websites, landing pages, ads on YouTube and other social media channels, or emails. These kinds of videos are quite popular. An effective video boosts up the conversion rate by as much as 80% when included on a landing page.

Looks simple? It is not always easy to explain a topic. In today’s era, where everyone is linked with one another via electronic devices. A majority of businesses are in urge to capture as much customer attention as possible. Thriving every 24 hours and 7 days a week. Whereas, consumers do not want to spend their precious time on just one message. 

How Does An Explainer Video Production Company Finalize a Topic?

1. Represent the Brand Value

Signifying the brand is the main core goal behind a company’s product and service. A successful explainer video conveys and spreads awareness of the brand in the form of something compelling, a case scenario, or even in a storytelling style. It is useful, as when customers watch your video, they get a clearer understanding and recognition of your brand and what you offer. Customers try to find the answers to their questions and get familiar with the brand.

2.  To the Point

An effective explainer video does not beat around the bushes. It gets straight to the point and has a prime focus. Explainer video production companies are aware that their audience has a short attention span and they should get straight to the point. The best ones are with smooth animation and concise message.

3. Target your Audience

A successful explainer video targets the right audience with precise message delivery. Of course, a company has many objectives and a specified targeted audience. By aligning these objectives with a focus on the audience, experts make explainer videos. However, it should not be generic, but one that speaks directly with a clear message about the company’s product or service.

4. Craft your Narrative

After knowing the audience, move on to the narrative. Keep in mind that short explainer videos are attractive and viewers tend to watch them more likely. Whereas videos exceeding further looks dull and viewers might skip them. So, you just have roughly 60 to 90 seconds to introduce your company or product, the problem you want to highlight, and its solution.

Take a quick look at customers’ data and the problems they are facing. The more relatable you will get, the more attention your viewers will pay to the video. Finally, provide your viewers with the solution.

5. Has A Quality Script

As mentioned above, an explainer video should be brief and stick to the point. It all depends on the script; a well-written script and original content are the keys to a successful explainer video creation. A quality script does not mean it should have proper grammar or extensive vocabulary. Rather, it should be able to answer all of the questions of the consumers simultaneously highlighting all of the details of the product/service. Other than that, it should be short, simple, and can easily be comprehended.

6. Strong Visual Cues

Explainer videos should have strong and attractive visual cues. It aids in representing your message in the most creative way possible and in grasping maximum attention. However, the better quality the video would have, the more audience would drive and become attracted to it. Think of the ways how you can make your video unique and give a distinctive touch to it.


Explainer videos comprise many benefits, for example, increasing conversion rate, improving SEO search ranking, keeping the viewer attracted to your page for 2X longer, can be used as a pitch for an investor, and most importantly, getting the word out about your product.

Explainer videos without a specific topic are nothing and can lead to the downfall of a company or even its brand. However, it is why you should seek a professional’s help. Most importantly, explainer video production companies like SimplyExplainer with years of experience. 

If you are looking for experts who are in this field for many years or want to test the performance of your video, go for SimplyExplainer. They provide the best service with a satisfying result. 

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