How Explainer Videos Can Help You Optimize Your Conversion Rate?

Is your website’s high-quality video content driving traffic but not conversions? If you answered yes, you’re not alone; this is a common issue for marketers and business owners. Unless you can convert these new site visitors into paying customers, traffic acquisition is not profitable.

With the pandemic forcing the majority of businesses to move their operations online, you must optimize your website as much as possible while also keeping an eye out for new optimization opportunities.

Content marketing and video marketing should be important components of your ongoing optimization strategy. This blog will provide you with a few pointers to help your videos gain more views, generate more leads, and, most importantly, convert those leads into sales.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Users prefer videos to static imagery and text, so video marketing is a popular marketing strategy. Videos can be both informative and entertaining, which is why they have easily surpassed other forms of content in terms of user consumption.

Many businesses invest in professional explainer video services because they have video CRO tools, experience, and technical expertise that guarantee results.

Strategies for Improving Video Conversion Rates

A solid video marketing strategy must be implemented in addition to uploading your content to YouTube or your website. Let’s look at some video conversion rate optimization techniques:

Optimize Video Positioning

You must choose the best platform or channel for distributing your video content. This could be your social media, YouTube, the company’s landing page, or the product page.

Subscription-based businesses can increase conversions by incorporating video content into their landing pages, whereas eCommerce retailers can incorporate video content into their product pages. Consider where you want to post your videos and don’t rely solely on social media platforms.

Optimize Video Format

It is critical to create content that your audience desires for video conversion rate optimization. You can upload a variety of videos, including promotional videos, explainer videos, company culture videos, customer reviews, and product tutorials.

Include Clickable Links

Another video CRO strategy is to include links that improve the user’s browsing or shopping experience. As an example, you can make your video interactive by embedding Live Link Video technology. You can use this to add hotspots that allow viewers to click on specific parts of the video to be redirected to the product page.

Make Use of Marketing Automation

Integrate automated video creation and marketing tools into your video hosting platform to gain insights into your current video marketing strategy and generate leads based on video viewership data. These tools allow for audience segmentation, lead nurturing, and ROI tracking.

Marketing automation platforms are used by video marketing agencies to scale their marketing efforts by automating manual and repetitive processes.

Creating High-Converting Video Content

While most videos capture users’ attention quickly, it takes a great video to keep their attention and entice them to subscribe to your channel or buy your product. With so many options on the internet for your target audience, it’s critical to stand out so they don’t leave your website. Here are some pointers on how to make a high-converting video:

Employ a Professional

Hiring a video marketing agency with years of experience and technical know-how is your best bet for providing the required explainer video services. Full-service video production companies can handle everything from creative services to delivery.

Personalize Your Thumbnail

Consider using a smiling person on your thumbnail to convey friendliness and openness. There are online tools that can assist you in creating an appealing video thumbnail.

Make Your Video Brief, Entertaining, and Fun

Users’ attention spans tend to wane over time, so keep your videos brief. Entertain your viewers right away so they will keep watching.

Provide Product Specifications

Present your product from various perspectives and include as much information as possible. Product features and benefits, durability, ease of use, and shipping and returns are all things to consider.

Narrate a Story

This aids in the development of a relationship with your customers. Explainer videos that highlight the benefits of the product have been shown to increase conversion by 20%. Brand storytelling can also pique the interest of your target audience.

Gain the Trust of Your Audience

Including videos on your website or product page helps to build customer trust and can increase conversion rates by up to 46%. Putting a face to a name or brand helps your company connect with your target audience.

Make The Most Of Your Video Marketing Strategy

Understanding which format is best for your target audience to receive your information can help you persuade them to become a customer. Delivering the right type of high-converting video is critical to online marketing success. Because your video is an important part of the buying cycle, it is worthwhile to develop an effective video marketing strategy to increase conversion and accelerate sales.

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