How to Get Clients for Explainer Videos?


Getting clients for explainer videos can be hard as it’s a huge investment and there is a lot of competition out there.

To help you all out, we’ve crafted a list of how you can get clients, and this is not just limited to explainer videos. The markets will be different but the practices are going to be the same. Let’s look at what they are.

How to get clients for explainer videos

  • PPC

Depending on how on-point your keyword research is, PPC can be a relatively budget-friendly way to run your ads as you’ll only pay when a buyer clicks on it. Plus you even get to control how much you’re willing to pay per click.

Results are almost immediate after you launch the campaign, so you can analyze whether the campaign is successful or not.

Create a retargeting list for customers who visited your website but didn’t convert, those who visited in the past 30 or 60 days, and so on. Targeting these consumers with new ads and offers has a high chance of converting rather than targeting fresh consumers. 

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an essential part of attracting new customers and generating more traffic. This involves excellent SEO practices, link building, collaborating with other brands, and of course, creating excellent content like articles, guides, infographics, and so on.

Through your content, you can create ‘hookable’ links, like images, original research, and infographics that are bound to be shared by your visitors, hence getting your brand across more people.

If content marketing is done right, you’ll be reaching hundreds of thousands of people each month, establishing yourself as the industry expert, and also be getting new customers daily.

The best part is that you won’t even have to spend money on Ads, all you need is great content and a dedicated marketing team. Go start your company’s blog if you haven’t already!

  • LinkedIn

If you aren’t doing LinkedIn marketing, then you’re missing out big time. LinkedIn is a great platform to reach out to prospects directly and communicate with them about your brand. The tip is to create a relationship first.

Identify prospects through LinkedIn advanced search or LinkedIn groups. As an explainer video company, you’d want to look for CMOs and other marketers who are even remotely interested in explainer videos.

After you’ve identified your prospects, start with forming a simple connection, and then thanking them when they accept it. But this is not the time to pitch. Doing so will drop the lead very fast.

Talk to your prospect by providing something of value to them, like a comment on one of their articles, or constructive criticism to better their strategy, etc. After building a basic relationship, try to reach out and tell them how your services can help their business grow.

Educating them about explainer videos and what they can do for their brand is a good way to get your prospect interested. However, don’t be too robotic or reach out coldly. Your way of talking should resemble like you just want to help out your prospect, which you do, right?

If done right, you can get so many valuable customers that can turn into returning clients! 

  • Reddit

Reddit is a huge community that talks about everything under the sun. If you’re able to engage your prospects on this platform, then you’ll be directing a different audience towards your brand.

Apart from sharing your content and engaging with prospects in the comments, you can even search ‘for hire’ posts in your domain and reach out to the user by direct messaging.

This is a concrete way to pitch and has the customer accept as they’re already looking for somebody who can create an explainer video for them. Make sure to always ask them for their name and email address so you can move the conversation from Reddit to direct communicating via email or calls.

Prospects you get through these practices have a very high chance of converting as they’re already looking for a service that you’re providing and reaching out to them directly!

  • Quora

Quora is just like Reddit but mostly targeted to questions whereas Reddit also hosts conversations, etc. It’s a great platform to market your content in the form of comments as a means of helping out people through your services.

For example, if someone is having trouble with creating brand awareness, or maybe they want to increase their conversation rates, you can help by commenting on how great explainer videos are and how it can do so much good for your business.

However, keep in mind you’re not directly advertising your services to them, you’re just giving them a solution. Make sure that your profile on Quora says where you work and at what position, so if the prospect is impressed with your answer, they can have a look at your company.

Prospects who are actively looking for a solution will reach out to you if they’re convinced. So make sure your comment is helpful and doesn’t look like an Ad for your services. Leads generated through this method have a high conversion rate as well. 

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to engage with your customers, only this time, it’s more personal. Email is your first point of contact, it’s like a first impression, so make sure it counts.

Since it’s a one-on-one communication method, customers can directly ask you questions and decide whether they want to buy from you or not.

Emails are also great for informing your leads about a new product or service launches, or new offers that you think your leads might benefit from.

The trick here is to personalize the emails as much as you can. Just like with PPC, you’ll need to make different lists of your prospects, those who are already converted, those who are just leads, and those who are completely inactive. Craft an email around the type of prospect and send it to them to increase your chances of getting a response.

A prospect who doesn’t even open your email won’t get on board with the new sale on your explainer videos, but a lead that has already converted will as they already know about your service!

This is how to get clients through email marketing. Bottom line is that you have to make it personal and engaging. Your email should look like it was written by an actual human, not a robot.

  • Lead Mining

This method, however unorthodox, is highly effective. As an explainer video company or any other company, you should be aware of your competitors and their activities so you can stay on top of your game. Pay special attention to their ads and how they run them.

In normal circumstances, you’d admire the ad campaign and that’s about it. Go an extra step and dive into their comments. Have a team analyze them and look for comments of prospects who are interested in explainer videos.

When you know somebody is already interested in wanting an explainer video, it’s easier to reach out directly and make them interested.

Whatever offer your competitor has run in their marketing campaign, try to beat it and convince the prospect indirectly about how your brand will be more useful to them because of your package, portfolio, and your past clients.

If you can impress them while also offering a better value, they’re bound to get on board!

Do this wherever you spot an interested party, and especially those who want a service that your competitor can’t offer them, and you’re good to go!


As you can tell by these points, it’s all about engaging with the right audience in the right manner. When you have this down to perfection, you’ll have a steady flow of new clients every day.

All the points mentioned above have a high conversion rate. All you need to do is be dedicated, patient, and execute them perfectly.

Happy client hunting!

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