How to Choose the Perfect Music for Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are the new trend. In 2021, 87% of marketers claimed that video content generated a high return on their investment. It has been an exponential increase as in 2015, it was just 33%. However, with almost every business thriving to make a better video, you should work upon elements that can make yours apparent. Amongst those tactics is adding background music to your video.

Music is no less than magic. It has a sense of attachment and involves a feeling when conveying a message. Pick the right music track and see how the video becomes coherent. Music brings an emotional punch. We realize that finding the right tone that does not hurt the sentiments of artists and is legal to imply is hard. Picking the right music is an art, and no one does it better than the explainer video creators.

Music impacts consumers’ responses. Try watching a video without music. Most likely, you won’t pay attention to it or lose interest. To counter, you have to depend on music libraries or sometimes on your knowledge. And then filter out the tracks to stay safe from the copyright issues that make the process even more complex.

However, dedication, patience, and a little guidance from experts can streamline the process. Here are some key points to consider for choosing the perfect music for a marketing video.

1. Avoid Using Dark or Moody Music

It is better not to use dark or moody music unless you are 100% confident that your audience can relate. Also, avoid music that you think has the features of disrupting your message, is fast, or has a heavy beat.

Picking a suitable musical genre is also about avoiding what’s bad for your video. You can only do that by analyzing your target audience and the nature of your business.

2. Don’t Choose a Distinctive Genre

Don’t choose something too unique or distinctive unless the mood it creates idealizes your brand. The main takeaway here is that you don’t want your viewers to only remember the music video.

Lyrics can add extra dramatical elements to your video script. If you want to use a song or a tune in your video, try using something universally appealing or not very specific so that the message remains clear. 

3. Don’t Use Music If VoiceOver or Camera Narration is There

Do not use music when you are using a camera narration or voice-over. Adding music will overpower your video. However, compiling lyrics with audible speaking is very complicated, explainer video creators can be the perfect resource to do that.

Choose your background music or song wisely, and see if it matches the video flow. The song doesn’t have to align at the start of the video only, that depends on you.

4. Start the Song Where it Aligns Well

It is not at all important to start your video with a song.

If it starts with an out-of-place feature (speaking before music or a slow buildup), feel free to skip to the best part. Also, avoid ending the music abruptly unless it’s the effect you want. The ideal scenario is to time your video to end at a natural part of the song track, but you can usually fade the music out at any point.

5. Align the Music with Your Audience

You cannot attract the audience unless the music matches their mindset. In simple terms, “who is going to watch your video”? Is it children, corporations, adults, or teenagers? To segment it further, you can target university students, employed adults, or young entrepreneurs.

Choose the music base that best fits your audience. Remember, you do not only want to grasp their attention but also want them to be aware of the content. For example, if the video is for young moms, it should certainly not involve hip-hop or rock music. However, if the video is for young teenagers, it should have electronic or rock music but not classical or country music genres.

6. The Rhythm and Tone of The Music

Try listing down 2 to 3 music genres that you think best suit your audience. Adjust the main tone and align it with the video. Then see what suits your video best. 

For example, many video creators use this technique of starting their videos with slow and soothing music. However, as the story slowly and gradually becomes happier they raise the pitch of the music. Likewise, the opposite is done if you want to convey a positive situation from a negative story.

Give immense attention to the tone of the music when choosing it for your video. Listen to your music first, from beginning to end, and then try to place it per your video.

7. Use Reference Music

Sometimes you already have a specific song in mind. Many explainer video creators recommend that you should think of a song before even creating your video. Listen to that song and try to find similar songs for more ideas. Meanwhile, analyze every song you listen to according to its rhythm, speed, instrumentation, and progression.

You can find and listen to these songs on YouTube or Bed Tracks. They are convenient and easy. Plus, they can provide you with a great range of music suggestions.

8. Know Your Budget

Music options come in great genres and styles for almost every budget. If your budget is:


Try searching for music with a creative commons license. Those with few caveats are free. It helps you perform your job and choose from a handful of options.


It requires payment of around $10 to $100 for a track from the music library. It is quite higher in quality than creative common ones and is closer to your expectations.


It requires $300 to $1000 for custom music. Custom music is a prodigious choice, and you can even associate it with your brand.

9. Consider Hiring a Composer

If you are looking for perfect music, try reaching out to different composers and explainer video creators. Tell them precisely what you are looking for with detailed elaboration. They are professionals and can provide you with some great suggestions and ideas.

The Next Step? Hiring an Explainer Video Creator

Choosing the right music is not as simple as it looks. However, it is crucial, as those tones reflect your brand. You can find mavens of content creators by Googling Simply Explainer.

They have been in the market for many years and are highly reputed because of the content they produce. They would not only help you in creating your video and choosing the right music, but you can also rely on them for creating a video. Their team of professionals would provide you with extraordinary and satisfying results. Cheers to the success you’re about to experience!

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