The Complete Guide on Marketing ROI

Videos are one of the quickest ways to grab maximum viewer attention. Did you know? Roughly viewers watch 206 videos per month, especially on the platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat.

It is a fact that our brain can process videos 60,000 times faster than text. That is why they are more effective and efficient in grasping attention. Many businesses use whiteboard animation, typology, motion graphics explainer videos, or others to retain maximum viewer attention.

The aim is to tell the world about their company or product. Undoubtedly, marketers have a keen eye for analyzing growth and potential.

Marketing Return On Investment (ROI) is a major tool when it comes to finding out your success rate. Every company when launching a new marketing campaign makes sure to test out whether the cost of the project is favorable or unfavorable. 

What is ROI in Marketing?

The process of analyzing profits and revenue growth to check the growth of marketing activities in ROI in marketing. What is the use? 

With ROI, firms can improve the decision-making process regarding which marketing efforts should be adopted like campaign-basis or holistic.

In general terms, Marketing ROI justifies the budget spending and cost allocation. Let‘s learn more.

How to Calculate ROI in Marketing?

The money invested versus the money gained is called Marketing ROI. Let’s take an example to be more understandable. Assume the investment a marketing team did was $120 throughout the period. To calculate the Return, the firm will evaluate the sales, clicks on ads, and the overall accomplishments availed through $120. 

The typical formula to calculate ROI is:

ROI = Cost of Investment/ Net Return on Investment x 100%

ROI is just not about making money. There are certain strategies, calculations, and procedures involved in enhancing or stabilizing effectiveness. Of course, all of these depend on the goal of the marketing team and the company. Moreover, calculating ROI helps to determine the room for improvements and areas where maximum efforts are required. This is why they tend to make a greater influence on business decisions.

ROI For Business

To ace the spending, companies need to critically evaluate the investments. If you manage to cleverly calculate the right amount, the odds are you would get a great deal of profit and excel in better marketing ROI. It signifies a campaign’s profitability. Almost every business owner and employees have their eyes on ROI.

Of course, it is applicable for any amount the company has invested. The end goal is to have a coherent measurement of the spending and investment.

It is more about analyzing how much money has been made from a specific marketing strategy or campaign. But always be aware that ROI on marketing is about certain goals, not just the money. You may have goals such as signing up for an e-book, or email subscription too. It will not directly return you money but goal accomplishment.

How Videos Are A Good Resource for Marketing ROI?

Video creation and content are one of the most useful tools for marketing. However, it not only creates awareness about the product but helps in spreading the detailing of the product/service as well. 

Hence, videos with their visual attributes help in explaining and providing information. According to the survey, nearly eight out of every ten users have purchased a piece of software or app after watching the brand’s video. And it is crucial that the viewers fully understand what the product does and how it is helpful for them.

One of the most effective and reputable types of video creation is Motion Graphics explainer videos. Motion graphics are the type of videos that contains the potential to interact and connect with the audience as it possesses a narrative craft. With attributes this good, every company wants to engage more and be relatable to their targetted audience. Some common types of motion graphics are.

  • UX animation videos.
  • Animated presentations.
  • GIFs
  • Animated titles.
  • Instructional videos.

Motion Graphics and Businesses

Creating corporation videos on motion graphics with animation gives the business a one-of-a-kind look that every organization needs. Also, it helps in giving a smart and professional look by creating video content that mirrors your thoughts. Thus, assisting in retaining maximum viewer’s attention.

You can use motion graphics explainer videos for building brand awareness or demonstrating product attributes.


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