Trusted Best Explainer Video Companies for Your Marketing Needs

Finding the best explainer video companies can be intimidating. Think about the parents who search for the best school for their first kid. Similarly, you might have to research for days. Keeping your expectations in mind, we have enlisted experienced explainer video agencies, skilled at making high-converting animated videos.

But before we move on, let’s quickly review some factors you look for before choosing the best explainer video company. In this way, you can make swift and better decisions.

Top 3 Features of The Best Explainer Video Companies

1. Portfolio And Testimonials

It is not limited to, video companies. Before hiring any company, make sure you go through its portfolio page. Also, look at the previous clients’ reviews to see if they were satisfied with the services. It will ease your hiring process.

2. Customer Support

Best explainer video companies have the best customer support. From a high response rate to post-production services, everything is perfect and on time to keep their customers away from maximum issues. And that is the reason behind their high retention rate.

3. Budget

Undoubtedly, you have to look at your budget before hiring any company. Whether your budget is big or small, choose a company that focuses on quality and serves the best. If you hire an expensive one, ensure their work aligns with the price.

4 Best Explainer Video Companies to Lift Your Marketing Channels

1. Simply Explainer

Simply Explainer is one of the best explainer video companies. Whether you want a video for a sales pitch, social media campaign, or website traffic, Our video will help you generate results. We’ve worked with many well-known brands and onboarding new projects to smash the market.

Best of all, here you will get all types of animated videos, Whether your business works best with a whiteboard animation or motion graphics. Everything is covered and generates polished results. With a team of experts, the final output is exactly around your instructions and at par with your expectations.

2. Video Explainers

Video Explainers is another video production company that crafts humorous, relevant, and fun explainer videos. The company helped 3000 brands with five-star reviews. Believing in the power of storytelling, the agency provides high-quality standard videos that connect your brand with your customers. 

The team has highly skilled and talented individuals who know their job well. Video Explainer has an extensive track record of 7000 projects, so you can sleep peacefully after handing over your project to the company.

3. Wow Explainers

Here comes a video production company that scales at all of the branches of explainer videos. Especially if you are looking for a classic 2D cartoon animation, Wow Explainer is for you. In this era where people mostly avoid reading the blocks of text, you need a striking and well-explanatory explainer video for your brand. 

Keeping the customer’s choice in mind, you need to hire a versatile company that provides a video having all these features. Wow Explainer marks all the checks of a reliable video production company. Whether it is illustration style or whiteboard animation, you can make video marketing campaigns that compel your customers to purchase.


4. Scribe Bunny

Scribe Bunny is a team of passionate whiteboard animators. The company always focuses on on-time deliveries and how it can boost the client’s ROI with its video. After helping several startups with five-star reviews, it is ready to take up new projects. Specializing in whiteboard animation, each video is well-crafted with deep competitor analysis.

Best of all, the video style speaks about your brand in a way that will keep your audience engaged. Scribe Bunny creates commercially influential animated videos, so if you have a commercial product, try consulting Scribe Bunny.

Why Simply Explainer?

Here at Simply Explainer, we don’t make ordinary explainer videos. All of our projects are fully customized according to the brand’s requirements. We truly understand how important it is for the best explainer video companies to stand out in their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, we ensure the quality of each project with fast turnarounds. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have a complex brand message. Get a discovery call on our website, and we will figure out how make a video that converts the complexity into sales.

Explainer Videos can be a game changer for your business if crafted with full creativity and skills. Here is a complete list of the best explainer video companies. Each company has its features and benefits. 

Look for the must-have components that we mentioned earlier. Also, know the exact purpose of the explainer so that you can give them precise instructions. We wish you the best of luck in finding the right video production agency.

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