Where Can You Use Explainer Videos?

The power of explainer videos is undeniably rising because such videos are perfect for breaking down complex information into simpler ones. With the help of such videos, users stay on a website. And once they find it worth watching, they share them with family and friends. 

An effective explainer video should be highly informative, entertaining, and enjoyable to watch. To do this, explainer video companies in USA are considered to be ideal for crafting such videos. 

When it comes to the posting of explainer videos on different channels, marketers often get confused as to which social media platform is appropriate. But we have the solution right in front of you in this blog. To ease your tangled mind from uncertainties, a few platforms are briefly discussed that can help you upload your explainer videos easily. 

  • Uploading on Social Media Platforms 

An explainer video made in the right way having all engaging and compelling elements can increase online visibility when posted on different social media platforms. It is true because when you share such videos, for example, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they bring about 1200 percent of higher shares. 

Believe it or not, it is a much greater ratio when compared to that of written and visual content. It is possible due to the shareability feature of such social media networking sites that brings out a positive influence on the ROI. 

Let’s find out separately about a few social media platforms and how they work perfectly well for explainer videos. 


This platform allows marketers to upload 90 seconds explainer videos. Pins of videos covered with interesting pictures help to capture the audience’s attention. You can also post videos in bulk when logging into Pinterest’s business account. So, don’t forget to post your explainer videos on such a beneficial social medium. 


Using Quora for posting explainer videos is one of the best ideas since it quickly helps your business to develop and grow. Recently, Alexa.com found that 35 percent of Americans use this platform which gives marketers a great opportunity to showcase the features of their products and yield better sales. 


Sharing explainer videos on Facebook increase audiences’ engagement the most. You can share your explainer videos as many times as you want and to a larger audience. If you manage to customize videos as per the users, most of them will be interested in purchasing your products or services.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns 

Email marketing is expanding at the fastest pace and that’s why brands use explainer videos in emails to enhance their online presence. 61 percent of customers think that when brands contact them through email, they feel good about it. So, this is the best marketing method that you can ever use to attract the mass majority. 


Embed the link of your explainer videos directly to the email. You can also add an eye-catchy optimized thumbnail or a photo about the subject of your video. And let people decide what they want to do next! 

  • Landing Pages of Websites 

Uploading explainer videos on the landing and home pages of your company’s website is incredibly essential. Because people prefer spending 88 percent of their time watching videos posted on websites. No matter what type of explainer video it is, whether 2D, 3D, motion graphics, and live-action, it improves the ROI of your brand. Instead of writing huge paragraphs on your company’s web page, an explainer video within seconds can tell your story from the start to the end. 


Try to create an emotional bond with the audience by incorporating compelling animated characters that resolve audience problems with the help of your products/services. 

  • Incorporate Video Links in Blog Posts

Content is, undeniably, the king of all businesses. You may be using a blogging strategy to educate and engage your visitors. There is no doubt that blogs contribute significantly to the growth of website traffic and brand exposure.

Integrating explainer videos into your blogging campaign will not only strengthen your writing content but will also encourage you to respond to the questions that your website visitors may have. Always keep in mind that the more challenges/questions you answer for visitors, the easier it will be to pique their interest and drive traffic.


When making explainer videos, make sure that both the content and the video are having the same goal of enticing the audience. It will add value to your material, hence increasing brand awareness.

  • Using Explainer Videos at the Corporate Events 

Last but not the least, one strategy for increasing traffic is to show good and relevant explainer videos at your business events. It will attract potential clients looking for a compatible solution, while also encouraging others toward using the same product/service to raise brand awareness and productivity.

For inspiration, you can watch the Dollar Shave Club explainer video which is well-structured and compelling at the same time. Understand the language, tone, and mood of the video, and try to incorporate similar tactics in your explainer videos. 


Always remember to include captions and subtitles when creating explainer videos for corporate events. It will make it easier for viewers to comprehend your video.

Final Thoughts – Explainer Videos Impress Your Audience on Social Media Sites!

Explainer videos are, undoubtedly, one of the most effective ways to market your company and interact with your target audience. So, whenever you make a video, remember to assess your marketing plan before heading forward. Understand your target audience thoroughly and then upload explainer videos on different social media channels. 


If you are new to explainer videos production and concerned about the progress of your company, then don’t worry! Contact Simply Explainers for all sorts of explainer video designs that fit your pocket perfectly. Give them a call today at (480) 660-2586 to cater to your business needs innovatively. 

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