The Value of A Video

Since the inception and subsequent ubiquity of video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and a growing number of others over the last decade, more and more consumers have preferred explainer videos over other forms of content.

This is extremely beneficial for brands that are willing to embrace video marketing. Of course, video isn’t always the simplest form of content to produce. Whereas a writer only needs a word processor to create compelling copy, explainer video usually necessitates a larger initial investment.

Anything more complicated than a simple point-and-shoot shoot may necessitate the hiring of an explainer video maker. The costs can quickly add up, making your executives and shareholders, the people most concerned with your company’s bottom line, hesitant to embark on an explainer video marketing campaign.

In many ways, if a brand does not embrace explainer video marketing, they risk falling behind as more and more of their audience shifts their attention to the competition’s bigger, better, and more engaging campaigns.

So, how do you persuade your stakeholders that video marketing is indeed beneficial? Simple. Provide them with these four facts.


Written content, which typically requires the least amount of upfront investment, must be carefully read for the consumer to absorb the information. It is a proactive rather than a passive activity.

Instead of reading, the consumer can simply sit back and take in the information. Even if an explainer video has subtitles, reading them is easier than reading an entire article. There’s no scrolling, no losing your place, and no having to figure out where you left off.

More people are ready and willing to consume video because it requires so little effort.

For example, every day, 55% of people watch some amount of video online. Additionally, an average adult spends nearly 6 hours per day watching videos. How about that for an engagement!

Highest Conversion Rate

An explainer video isn’t just more popular; it’s also more effective at getting people to act. A recent experiment discovered that adding a video to a landing page increased conversions by 80%. According to another study, 64% of people will buy a product after watching an explainer video about it.

And here’s an intriguing one for stakeholders who believe that having a website is sufficient: It is estimated that only 20% of users will finish reading the written content you publish. More than half will put down their books after 15 seconds. In comparison, 75% of people who watch a video watch at least 75% of it.

If your stakeholders are concerned about the company’s bottom line and whether an explainer video provides a return on investment, statistics show that not only will your audience remember your brand after watching a video, but they will also buy your products or subscribe to your services.

Mobile Compatibility

Because we’re always connected, explainer video consumption is continuous and virtually limitless. That’s great news for brands looking to create explainer video marketing content because it means they can reach their audience almost anywhere, even in the most mundane settings, without relying on a computer plugged into a wall.

Google Preference

People also spend more time on pages with video. On average, people spend 2.6 times more time on pages with video content than on pages without. You can easily test and prove this by tracking the session time metrics in Google Analytics.

If one of your company’s goals is to grow and improve its search rankings, video is just another tool in your arsenal. So, if you are looking to invest in explainer videos, make sure you hire the best explainer video maker.

Our advice would be Simply Explainer (SE). SE enjoys the status of being the best explainer video maker in the market. So hurry up and avail amazing discounts on your first order.

Understand Today

You were probably already aware of the importance of explainer videos. And, given their aversion to costly risks, your shareholders may still require compelling evidence before they agree to your fantastic plan.

Hopefully, the information provided above will assist you in getting there. And once you’ve been given the green light to begin creating video marketing content, the real fun can begin.

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