Top 19 Animated Coronavirus Videos You Must Watch


With so much false information about coronavirus circulating everywhere, it’s no wonder why panic is spreading like wildfire. People are either horribly misinformed or have judged the COVID-19 situation entirely wrong. So what should we do as a community? Circulate coronavirus videos to create awareness!

Explainer videos come to the rescue yet again, this time packed with information about the coronavirus. The following explainer videos answer all the frequently asked questions, and more, hence educating you on the subject.

Since they are short and engaging coronavirus animations, it makes the viewer all the easier to share them with their family and friends.

1. 10 mind-blowing myths about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Remember when we talked about how people are misinformed? Well, this coronavirus animation debunks the most common myths about coronavirus.

Here are the key takeaways from the video:

  1. If you have coronavirus, you’ll die.
  2. Face masks won’t do you any good.
  3. It only affects old people.
  4. It’s just another flu.
  5. Coronavirus is all a big conspiracy.
  6. Coronavirus tests are for everybody.
  7. Warm weather will kill the virus.
  8. A vaccine to cure COVID-19 is already available.
  9. You will definitely know if you have coronavirus.
  10.  Reading water in 15-20 minutes intervals will prevent you from getting coronavirus.

2. Tips by doctor corona

This coronavirus video shares some of the most effective tips by Dr. Corona, a medical genius! By following these tips, you’ll be content in knowing that you did everything you could to prevent coronavirus from entering your system, hence doing the community a big favor too.

  1. Wash your hands and sanitize.
  2. Stay inside and work from home.
  3. Wear a mask and dispose of it after use.
  4. Don’t hog all the food supplies.
  5. Work out at home!

3. Coronavirus disease: Tips for recognizing the symptoms

Even though you can’t really know for sure whether or not you have coronavirus, there are still some symptoms you can look out for so you can diagnose the virus early.

This coronavirus animation was kindly presented by HSE Ireland, so you know the information is coming from a credible source.

4. Global COVID-19 prevention

This coronavirus animation throws light on one of the most important aspects of this situation: how to prevent the transmission. From one person, this virus has spread to over 2 million patients worldwide!

Hence, it’s essential that you watch and share this video so the situation can be handled asap.

5. Coronavirus outbreak explained through 3D medical animation

This 3D animated explainer video goes into details on what the pandemic is, stats, tips to protect yourself, and how it’s going to affect your body.

6. A visual summary of the coronavirus pandemic

This explainer video has information collected from multiple credible sources like UpToDate, CDC, and WHO, to name a few. The video employs the use of visual data so the viewer can absorb more information and retain it.

7. How vaccines work against viruses like COVID-19

This is for anyone who is wondering how vaccines work against viruses like COVID-19. It starts with basic information about what vaccines do (train our bodies to recognize germs and fight them). But for a pandemic like COVID-19, this isn’t so simple.

This whiteboard explainer video tells us that it won’t be 12-18 months before the vaccine is ready for widespread use.

8. Where do new viruses come from?

This question probably hit some curious minds out there. Where exactly do viruses emerge from? People had never even heard of this virus 6 months ago, and now it’s all people can talk about these days.

This video explains how viruses are different, how they evolve, and how they can infect a certain type of host.

9. Coronavirus Outbreak explained for kids by Dr. Panda TotoTime

Adults often find it mildly annoying to answer the never-ending questions that kids spew. We’ve all been there. But educating about coronavirus is extremely, extremely important, and kids should be aware of this problem.

This fun animated explainer video breaks down coronavirus into simpler terms so kids can easily understand and retain the information.

10. Health emergency launched by the novel coronavirus

This is another coronavirus video packed with information about the coronavirus. It tells us how the virus has evolved and how it has changed its ways of affecting humans.

11. What’s it like to have the coronavirus

This coronavirus animation sheds light on what your body goes through when you have the coronavirus. It’s also a good video for reference when it comes to identifying symptoms. And what to expect if you’re unfortunately hit by this pandemic.

12. Novel coronavirus 2019 outbreak

This is another great introductory explainer video on the coronavirus, its origins, and other basic knowledge that everyone should be aware of.

13. What you should do in the Coronavirus epidemic

As a human being, what can you do to lessen the burden of emergency workers and the government? This animated explainer video tells you just that. So sit tight, watch the video, and try out best to do anything in our power that can lessen the effects of this pandemic.

14. What is the coronavirus or COVID-19?

This coronavirus video dives into the symptoms of coronavirus, how it emerged from Wuhan, China, and the research surrounding this topic.

15. Coronavirus disease: Pathophysiology, symptoms, signs and more

This coronavirus animation is packed with content on the coronavirus. Think of it as a crash course about the pandemic. You’ll learn how it spreads, pathophysiology, symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and how it can be treated.

16. Why do bats carry so many diseases like Coronavirus?

If you don’t know, coronavirus started when a man ate an uncooked bat that was carrying coronavirus. From then on, it began the spread of this virus in humans. This prompted researchers to think about what other deadly diseases do bats carry and why?

17. Map timelapse of the coronavirus throughout January-February 2020

This explainer video is a visual representation of how the virus spread throughout the world. It’s chilling to see how it grew from one person to over 2 million in just a matter of 5 months!

18. Coronavirus: How to teach kids about COVID-19

Coronavirus is a scary thing to talk about. Add complicated to the mix when it comes to educating your child about the virus. So, how should you talk to children about the virus in a manner that doesn’t scare them and yet, educates them at the same time? This coronavirus video will tell you how.

19. Coronavirus preparedness for employees

This coronavirus video was specifically created by keeping employees in mind. It’s a great source for companies to share with their employees. It contains simple steps you can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the disease.


Between so many coronavirus explainer videos, you’re bound to get almost all of the answers related to the COVID-19 pandemic. There isn’t much you can do in coronavirus lockdown, but you can share these videos to create awareness and urge others to stay at home.

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