What Is The Ideal Length Of An Explainer Video?


The ideal length of an explainer video is typically 30 to 90 secs. When it comes to your brand and the impact you’re trying to create, the duration can vary from minutes to even an hour.

The catch here is how you manage to attract your audience’s buyer personas through visuals and animations.

Now, if the brand has decided to create an explainer video for his product, he has to specify if he needs to have a short or long explainer video.

A 30-sec brief video can be ideal for showcasing all the aspects. If not, the brand can ask for an extended video up to minutes or an hour, depending upon the audience’s mood.

Why we should be careful about the length of the video?

You may be amazed by the fact that humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. This is not something to be proud of; instead, it’s alarming.

37% of the audience shared explainer videos that were less than a minute. An explainer video’s duration decides if your viewers can stick to it without losing interest in between. Be super specific in planning your explainer video’s length to hit the right note.

Brands need to revamp their strategies to apprise customers about their products using a brief explainer video. That’s what we suggest!

4 Tips to Choose the Ideal Length of an Explainer Video

Here are some of the tips that will help you in deciding the ideal length of your explainer video

1. Get to the point straight away

Generally, people don’t have time to hold on to every detail, so beating around the bush won’t help.

Instead, get to the point straight away so that your video fulfills the purpose effectively.

2. Different videos have different lengths

Different video types have different lengths. We can categorize them in terms of duration as:

  • A teaser is typically 45-60 secs.
  • Product commercials extend to 25 to 40 secs.
  • Animated explainer videos are 30 to 90 secs long.
  • An Instagram video is around 30 secs.
  • Brand posts are around 10 to 15 secs.
  • Facebook ads are typically less than 15 secs.
  • Youtube roll-ups are 5 secs.
  • YouTube videos may extend up to 10 mins or so.

Understanding the nature of your explainer video will clear your vision about how long it should be. Plan the duration while keeping in mind the type of video you are about to unveil.

3. Produce series of explainer videos for better engagement

Series of explainer videos can help to create better engagement for the public. You can split your brand’s message with series of an explainer video.

Consistency should be there in producing explainer videos. Good marketing agencies use explainer videos consistently as part of their strategies to gather a massive audience.

4. Brand dependency

Most trademarks develop marketing strategies that are relevant to the nature of their products. For example, if you are about to reveal a campaign linked with educating your customers, you can be flexible on the duration.

But if you are focusing on making an explainer video to attract customers, you have to be very particular about the length. People might lose interest in between if it seems boring.

Remember! Be vigilant.

Pay attention to the pain points of your customers.

Think about what can excite them more.

This will help you in creating explainer videos with the flavor of your brand.

The shorter, the better

The world is moving quickly. People generally count every second they invest in finding the right niche for their brand. A shorter explainer video will work for you, just like an elevator pitch where you have to leave an impression within a few seconds.

Statistics suggest that the average audience retention rate of a minute-long video is 77%. This concludes that you can hold your audience’s attention for roughly 46 secs or so. The retention time may further reduce if your video fails to impress the viewers.

The researchers at Wistia suggest that the average engagement rate is inversely proportional to a video’s length.

explainer video length

Teasers to the movies illustrate how you can leave an impression on the viewers by highlighting the crucial prospects in a short duration.

First, 10 secs should be spot on!

People generally feel irritated if we keep them engaged for a long time trying to explain the product. It all depends on grabbing the attention of the audience in a flash.

Focus more on what you are trying to offer.

An ideal explainer video can direct the audience’s attention in the first 10 secs to the main plot.

The question arises, how will you do that?

Well, it’s obvious!

Think out-of-the-box.

Execute your idea flawlessly to thrill your audience at the beginning. Use exciting visuals, eye-catching animations, and some groovy music to inculcate your brand’s essence in your viewers.

Remember, Don’t try too hard!

Keep it simple and delicate.

Keeping the right balance

An explainer video’s leading purpose is to establish the relationship between the brand and the target audience. Digital media is like an ocean; once you dive in, you can explore tons of captivating ideas that can change your mindset within seconds.

That’s a big deal!

You have to play with tactics to manipulate your audiences. Set goals regarding how you can make your product catchy so it can translate the impact. Reorganize your ideas in a formidable way.

A 30 secs explainer video will do this all for you. But for how long? Maybe you have to shorten that to 10 secs or extend it to a minute for your next product. That’s where you have to keep the right balance!


So we stop here by saying that the ideal length of an explainer video should be around 30 secs up to a minute. As long as your video serves its purpose, you can be flexible about the duration.

A great explainer video will dazzle your audience with a compelling story.

These key details will surely help you walk through your strategies in planning the ideal length of your explainer video.

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