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There are no definite secrets to success in business. A business’s success depends upon several factors, and marketing is one of them. You are missing out if you are in business and are not using explainer videos in this modern digital marketing world. Let me tell you one thing that is no secret; the popularity and effectiveness of video. Google backs up the popularity of explainer videos. As far back as 2016 in the US, YouTube reached more adults 18+ during prime time than any cable network does in an average week – on mobile alone! Apart from that, there is more to using video than stats. Video is instead a great choice for an engagement. It is because of its versatility across devices, the combination of visuals, movement, and audio. It makes it a successful tool for informing, entertaining, and holding the viewer’s attention. You cannot deny video as a medium for advertising as a fantastic way for businesses to convey their brand, marketing message, and services. However, an explainer video’s effectiveness comes down to the quality of the visual and audible content.

If talking about your brand, we recommend using the best USA Explainer video company to produce the video for you. Take Simply Explainers as an example. Their professional team crafts a compelling storyline and shoots a high-quality video that will drive the results you desire.

Here are a few secrets of successful USA Explainer Video Companies, including Simply Explainers.

1. Storytelling

You may not feel storytelling such a secret, but sometimes the best-kept secrets are hidden in plain sight. Storytelling is the glimmer that transforms almost anything into engaging and memorable content. You can observe many ‘vital’ PowerPoint presentations disappear from our memory while even the stories we wish we could forget cling on. You can imagine how important it is that it comes in different forms. Your brand video must have a written script and visual storytelling. It will bring your message and brand to life.

2. Personality

Personality is vital in a successful brand video at every stage and scale. People can identify you by presenting a human element to even the most multinational brand. This connection is important as it allows you to engage viewers more powerfully and give your messages more impact and memorability.

You can weave your brand personality into every aspect of the video. Like starting with your script, your choice of language allows you to set a tone that reflects you and that your audience will respond well to. Your choice of characters, colors, fonts – if you use on-screen text – and voice-over artists, everything allows you to include even more of your personality. In this super busy online world, expressing your personality like this helps your video stand out from the crowd and will make you feel vibrant and authentic.

3. Vision

You can make a positive difference by working out your vision. Planning is part of the vision that helps ensure your brand video ends up as polished and successful. You may feel excited to get stuck straight into making a video, but knowing what you want to achieve from the outset is vital. It allows keeping your brand video on track throughout the production process. 

Here are a few questions that are useful as you establish your vision:

  • What are the goals of your video?
  • Where will it be used?
  • What are the must-haves and must avoid?
  • Who is the audience for your video?
  • What feelings and messages do you want to leave them with?
  • What is your call to action?
  • How will it fit within your other marketing activities and your overall strategy? 


4. Characters

Characters are crucial when it comes to video production. You must not underestimate the power of a well-thought-out character. You often see generic and out-of-the-box characters used as the face of messages and stories in videos. It is one of those seemingly easy things which can launch your brand video stand out.

Well-developed characters, whether they’re actors or illustrated, are the vehicles for your personality. It can impact the engagement of branding videos to the next level by embodying your message perfectly and appealing to your audience.

5. Show The Bigger Picture

You need to focus on the bigger picture behind a brand and the benefits that come with incorporating it into your brand video. Every business and organization has a goal in mind,  divided into sub-goals based on rivalries. It allows you to show how the everyday actions and functions of your organization fit in with your ultimate goals. As a result, it will give your viewers a stronger sense of who you are and your personality. It will make your connection stronger and increases the effectiveness of your branding video.

Choose Simply Explainer, The Best USA Explainer Video Company

Brand videos can make you stand out from the crowd and allows you to celebrate who you are and what you do. However, it involves a lot to think about as you create them. Suppose you are searching for a video production company to produce the video for you. There is none better than Simply Explainers. Their expert team crafts a compelling storyline and shoots a high-quality video that will drive the results you expect. We are experts passionate about storytelling and using whiteboard animation to share the messages and ideas of our clients. We’d love to talk to you about how we could glorify your brand in different styles and techniques. Contact us today!


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