How Explainer Videos Can Save Your Marketing Costs

With the rise of technology, we did not realize that we would come this far. Where right now, videos and snaps have taken over an immense of images and pictures. Out of all, explainer videos have emerged as a part of our lives. Because of such an immense hype, there was quite a noticeable increase in explainer video companies and their production.

Today, videos are more customer engaging, make customers loyal, and have more conversion rates. That is obvious, as currently, the explainer video companies are surprising us with unique and attractive content every day. Each new piece of content is better than the previous one. This tendency and remarkable growth of explainer video companies paved way for video marketing in different industries.

Many different companies have shifted from paper and online advertisements to video marketing. However, animated videos have a significant influence. 

Let’s learn how such explainer videos are useful and can save your marketing costs.

1. Boost Conversion Rates

Some surveys have shown that around 85% of people are more likely to buy the product after watching an explainer video. It is also a tactic to examine how many visitors are window shoppers and potential customers. Also, you do not need to manually count your sales as explainer videos display the number of views, telling you which product is popular among the audience and which service they are most interested in.

2. Explain your Product

Explaining a product in writing might be a little challenging. There is even a possibility that people misunderstand or don’t understand the concept at all. However, explainer videos have the attributes of being straightforward and are way better in giving a proper understanding of a product or service. As it contains audio and visual clues that elaborate on the use and features of a product. It is a much-improved way to connect and interact with your target customers. Explainer videos are great to outstand among your competitors.

3. Rank Higher in SERPs

Videos are a great way to increase your web traffic. Web traffic is one of the most critical factors determining your success rate. If the site gets no viewers or searches, it makes the worst impression. Google loves videos. If you search any term on Google, the first page of the results will likely show videos. Subsequently, integrating a top-notch video on your page will get a lot of love from Google. You will witness a spike in organic traffic on your site.

As discussed before, Google rewards sites if it gets a maximum number of visitors. In contrast, the others ultimately rank low on Google searches. Explainer videos, on the other hand, engage the viewers and helps them to make a purchasing decision quickly. Simultaneously, causing the site to rank higher on Google search engines.

4. Make your Pitch more Interesting

Pitch on a piece of paper is quite outdated. Using charts and slogans on PowerPoint does not always give you successful results. Why don’t you stir things up! Make an explainer video to make your pitch. Through a strong script, the right music, and classy visuals, you can catch the attention of your viewers. The explainer videos are a viable tool for describing a complex product.

Traditional web content requires a lot of text, images, font, and much more. It, in fact, slows down the loading speed of your site. Also, it sometimes even confuses and annoys the viewers rather than getting their attention. However, adding just a simple animation video would make your site busy with a cluster of viewers, as explainer videos are more engaging and easy to grasp.

5. Easily Shareable

Explainer videos are just not restricted to your site. You are free to upload them on video-sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube. By using the appropriate keyword to grab maximum viewer attention. These sites are browsed mainly on smartphones. So, if your website is not responsive, you can get several bounces from such sites. Today, people prefer listening and watching videos rather than reading and sharing big chunks of text.

6. Display your Personality

Represent yourself, and let your viewers know who you are. And you know the best way to do it. That’s right! Explainer videos! Signifying yourself and putting up a name helps make a strong bond and connection with your viewers.

Many companies use explainer videos for marketing strategies and to enhance their brand awareness. How do they do that? Just by showing brand personality on their animated videos. They feature the name, logo, slogan, mission, and vision in the video. Apart from that, they emphasize their uniqueness and the product or service they sell. It helps them to spread awareness and make viewers recognize their brand.

Time to Reach Out to an Explainer Video Company!

A powerful and entertaining explainer video is a valuable asset for your business to flourish. It is, without doubt, one of the best tools to market and gives recognition to your brand.

All you need to do is, make sure that the video efficiently describes and demonstrates the product value. It will outrank your brand in the market and help buyers build a bond of trust with your product or service. How can you do that? Seek help from one of the most reputed explainer video companies, i.e., Simply Explainer.

The professionals here can come in handy to provide you with an entertaining and appealing explainer video that will rank higher on the search engines and make your brand more visible. Thus, inviting web traffic to your site with a massive number of potential customers and increasing your sales and revenue.

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