How to Promote Your Mobile App with Animated Explainers

If you are thinking to launch a new mobile or have already done it, then it is the right time for you to effectively spread positive yet engaging words about your app. To promote it online through different social media channels, animated videos can be a perfect option for you to market and sell your product to a large audience. You can do it yourself if you are well aware of the marketing tactics or you can choose an explainer video company to assist you. 

Let’s uncover in this blog ways to promote your mobile app with the help of animated explainer videos. Read it carefully for in-depth insights and details. 

  • Audience Retention via Social Media 

Short animated videos have faster viewer retention, for example, if a video has a duration of 60 seconds, then the retention will be 77 percent. Isn’t this cool enough because you can share your app details in a minimum timeframe? Remember that quick retention also takes place when your animated video is posted on different social media channels.  


It is the largest video streaming application having 1 billion active users globally. So, for the promotion of your mobile app, consider posting it on this platform. Surely, it can increase your conversion rate. 


Facebook is another famous marketing platform that can elevate your mobile app’s marketing to a higher level. Try to create a strong content format for the right target audience and wait for the magic to happen. 

Quora and Reddit: 

Quora and Reddit are great places for the animated explainer videos of your mobile application.  Both are business-oriented platforms, therefore, people can ask more and more questions about your application. 

  • Super Engaging and Easily Shareable 

Not just kids but people in general like animation. High-quality content, visuals, and attractiveness can leave a long-lasting impression on the audience. To make your mobile application more compelling and captivating to the viewers, try some humoristic or funny hooks and lines in the beginning. It can easily convince the audience to watch the video from the start to the end. Once you can intrigue consumers’ pain points, they will definitely share with family, friends, and on social media.  

  • Uploading On Company’s Landing Page 

A good landing page video will boost your campaign’s participation and relevance. You can demonstrate the benefits and features of your mobile app and clear up misunderstandings your audience may have while using the app. From creating an ideal landing page video script to identifying your essential message so that your audience responds to your call to action, reaching out to any reliable explainer video company is important. 

  • Using Blogs/Articles Techniques 

First, write articles and blogs on the benefits of your mobile app and how it works. Use the right keywords, title, and meta-description in the entire content. Later, add an embedded link to your product’s animation video at the end of your blog. Avoid salesy tone, but rather use it as a recommendation or in a way of suggestion. This step is crucial because it comes feasible for the readers to reach directly to the posted animated explainer video in just one click. Also, consider guest blogging which can disperse your app’s information to other websites. 

  • Email Marketing 

Today, 80 percent of business marketers utilize videos as a part of their social media marketing campaign. To generate better results, embedded video links are sent to the customer via email. It is one of the best marketing tools that can easily elevate the popularity of your newly launched or well-established mobile app. Write a short, simple yet eye-catchy email about your product, add a link and deliver it to the inboxes of people across the world. The outcomes will be beyond your expectations once you create everything accordingly. You can do this weekly or monthly to attain your customer’s attention in long run. 

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Marketing products and services through animated explainer videos should not have to be a challenging part of your business. Unfortunately, it has become a ticky aspect for marketers since the majority of them are unable to exceptionally well craft explainer videos.

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