How To Create A Stellar Testimonial Video

A whopping 96 percent of people do not trust advertisements. Isn’t that massive? Advertising’s effectiveness has suffered as a result of the rise of social media and word-of-mouth recommendations. Whether it’s a mattress or a costly software subscription, people have come to rely on testimonials to make purchasing decisions.

This is where an intense testimonial video for your company comes into play, hence, explainer video production industry. These videos not only encourage people to buy, but they also appeal to consumers. Here’s some evidence: 79% of consumers have watched a testimonial video to learn more about a company, service, or product.

There are more reasons to create testimonial videos than just consumer demand and their effectiveness in assisting you in selling. However, before we reason, we need to be sure that we create a testimonial video in the best way possible. For that, we have to incorporate the following steps in our explainer video production process;

Fix A Problem

While it may be tempting to list all of your product’s features, don’t. If you can show how your video fits into the bigger picture of their lives, you will convert far more customers. Consider how your product video enriches or improves the lives of your customers. Does it motivate them to achieve more in life or allow them to spend their time more wisely? Does it make their lives easier? Does it make them happier or less stressed? Keep this thought at the forefront of your mind and build your story from there.

Consider Your Target Audience At All Stages

Throughout the explainer video production process, your audience should be at the forefront of your mind, from concept ideation to final publishing, testing, and optimization. Whether you’re looking to target a specific demographic or geographic audience, the most effective videos are those that are highly relevant to and resonate with the intended audience. Put yourself in their shoes at all times.

Include A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

A clear call to action is essential. It is one thing to keep the content engaging so that viewers stay tuned until the end, but providing clear, actionable next steps for them is one of the most critical steps. This is the point at which you close the deal and ask the viewer to ‘do something.’

Make sure your CTA is clear, actionable, and unmissable, whether it’s placing an order or providing contact information so you can later convert them into a qualified lead. If your primary goals are slightly different, we recommend varying your CTAs to test performance by A/B testing varying endplate CTAs.


Fortunately, editing can be very satisfying. So it’s now your turn to enter the fray and weave a story out of a messy collection of footage. There are numerous free online video production companies available to help you craft your story. Still, the one who stays on top with brilliant quality is – Simply Explainer – the leading explainer video production company.

The majority of these tools allow you to include titles, subtitles, transitions, and even music and sound effects. But, most importantly, the post-production phase is where you can bookend and intersperse your video with consistent brand elements to tie everything together and stamp the story with your company’s stamp.

You can also include a solid call to action and relevant contact information to optimize the video for your desired conversion action, whether a sale or a sign-up for a newsletter.

You can also use editing to correct any flaws in your footage. Of course, you want to get the shot as often as possible at the moment, but it’s unlikely that every shot will come out of the camera, ready for prime time. As a result, it’s critical to go back and correct errors after they’ve occurred.

Post-production is often the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of creating high-quality testimonial videos, but don’t worry if you’re having trouble. We know a few people who can assist you – for instance, Simply Explainer. So go ahead and take a look at their portfolio.

That Concludes Our Discussion

A video testimonial can help you gain the trust of your audience by showing how other people, just like them, use your product or service. This not only uses social proof to encourage people to buy, but it also allows viewers to imagine what your offer can bring to them.

What’s the best part? Creating video testimonials does not necessitate the use of a professional video production team. Instead, get started right away with the right DIY video creation platform… As we mentioned previously, Simply Explainer is the optimum explainer video production company to cater to all of your testimonial video needs.

Have a look at their portfolio first, and then decide if there’s any better explainer video production company that can help you out, and that too at reduced costs.

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