How Do Interactive Videos Work?

It’s an established fact that video marketing can assist you in producing more results. It would be rather pertinent to say that interactive videos help us run a successful marketing campaign. But ever wondered how interactive videos work? Let’s find out!

Did you know that according to Statista, 85 percent of internet users in the United States watched video content on smart devices on a monthly basis? As a result, now is the time to take advantage of Simply Explainers’ exclusive interactive custom explainer video services. Let’s first understand what interactive custom explainer video services can do for us, starting with the definition of interactive videos.

Interactive Videos

As a business owner or marketer, you most likely have video content on your websites, such as a YouTube video or a video hosted by another video player. It generates significantly more revenue than written blogs and advertisements. In contrast to a linear or passive video, an interactive video allows viewers to interact with the video using a variety of tools.

Viewers may be able to drag, scroll, click, select an object, and perform other digital actions if the content creator has enabled them to do so. The more interaction there is, the more users will interact with the video, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Due to these features, businesses highly prefer interactive videos for their marketing campaigns and hence, this demand has led to an increase in the custom explainer video services.

How Do You Create An Interactive Video?

Making an interactive video is less difficult than making a passive one, no matter how complicated it appears, and Simply Explainer – the leading explainer video production company just makes it even easier. What happens is that viewers take on the role of creators, navigating through the video by selecting the narrative, the storyline, and making decisions based on their interests.

It begins with a simple click on a video advertisement that would play before an online TV show or on a YouTube pre-roll ad. The ad would ask the viewer to click on the product or image that they wanted to learn more about, and the brand would then collect this information.

Interactive videos are excellent for internal recruitment, induction, and training videos, B2B explainer videos, B2B marketing videos, as well as B2C online advertising, and social media marketing.

The greatest advantage of interactive video is the amount of data that can be captured and the precision with which that data can be captured. Because you are guiding the audience through a series of options and understanding them on a more personal level based on their choices. With each click, you learn more about your target audience.

You can then more effectively categorize them based on their interests and values, and market to them more effectively later on (Kaltura). Because your audience has control over their video experience and their interaction with your brand, they are more receptive, open, and willing to engage, making them more willing to give up their time and information.


Companies are already utilizing interactive video in their advertising to better understand and engage their customers. Interactive video allows for a great deal of flexibility and creativity. And interactive video can be used not only online, but also on mobile devices.

Online interactive video is still uncharted territory for many brands, with only a few early adopters. This is not to say that interactive video does not work; it simply means that it is not a well-trodden path.

Because the internet isn’t overrun with interactive videos, there’s a lot of room and opportunity to capitalize on this medium and generate a lot of interest. And Simply Explainer – the leading explainer video production company will help you do that.

Impact of Interactive Videos

According to Cisco, interactive videos will account for 82% of all web traffic by 2022, so the need for video content that stands out from the crowd has never been more pressing. Similarly, 93% of marketers believe interactive content is somewhat or very effective at educating the buyer, compared to only 70% for static content. How’s that for an impact! These facts should be enough to convince you to shift your focus towards interactive videos.

The Onus Is On You!

Interactive videos supersede all kinds of video marketing formats and your brand needs to adapt to that before it’s too late. So, whenever you’re ready to get some immaculate interactive videos made for your brand, holler Simply Explainer as they are simply the best explainer video production company with the best custom explainer video services.

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