How Animated Explainer Videos Inspire Mobile Users?

Mobile usage is growing more rapidly than ever before. The current number of smartphone users is 6.648 billion globally, according to Statista. It means 83.37% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. This figure is up considerably from 2016 when there were only 3.668 billion users, 49.40% of that year’s global population. More mobile devices mean a lot more money funneling into the world of mobile marketing.

With Apple and Android offering more than 2 million apps a piece, competition is massive. After spending countless hours on development, many innovative app builders wonder, ‘how do we get people to download and use it?’
Studies suggest that around 70% of mobile traffic comes from the video content, and people are more likely to buy a product or download an app if they watch a video. Getting your name out in such a competitive market is incredibly important, and an explainer video is a highly effective way to do so. Therefore it is crucial to consult an effective animated explainer video company.

Explainer Videos Are Useful For Mobile Apps

There are many reasons for using explainer videos for mobile apps.

Let us find out.

1. Provide a Brief Description Of The App

Explainer videos provide the introduction to all the features of an app. You can better share your ideas and get benefits leading to more downloads. Also, it helps you to connect with the audience very smoothly and builds the trust factor.

2. Animated Explainer Videos Have Become The Center Of Attention

The animated explainer videos are now in the limelight because they are more attractive and appealing. It is the best way to reach out to the target audiences and is quite engaging. People purchase an app because of the contents of the video. Make sure that the videos are tempting and attractive.

3. They Can Boost The ROI (Return Of Investment)

An Increased ROI is the desire of every company. The explainer videos thus can act as the most powerful tool for marketing the apps providing you with a higher Return on Investment. With such an impact, you can spread your messages in the minimum possible time. Also, since users can easily share them using their network, you get to attract more audiences without extra effort.

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4. Making Bonds With The Audiences

The app promo explainer videos are known for building strong bonds with the audiences because they form some sort of trust within the consumers. For this bond, the animated characters and the graphics of the videos work best. With the changes and the advancements in technologies, the animations have improvised to a great level. It plays a crucial role in boosting sales and getting an emotional connection with the customers. You can also use the element of humor to last this bond. 

5. Helps In Creating The Brand Identity

You can simply establish the brand identity with the animated explainer video. And this will further pull more customers to download your app. You can use imagination, creativity, and artistic power with unique colors and other elements that increase brand awareness. The users get more confidence when they see innovation and ultimately purchase your app. 

6. These Are Self-Explanatory

The app promo explainer videos are the best means by which you can easily demonstrate and elaborate on what your app does for people. It is best to promote your app on various social media platforms subtly. An explainer video of the app will let the users know how to use an app and the benefits they are going to get with its use.

Get your Explainer Video With Simply Explainer

Adding an explainer video to your marketing strategy is a leading marketing asset that will help you increase the number of downloads of your app. It is the best idea for mobile apps to get recognition. You must keep the people’s expectations in mind. Try to make the content attractive so that users get convinced even on the first watch.

If you are seeking app promotion services, we at Simply Explainer can be a perfect associate for you. We have been engaged in this segment for many years with an attractive and active portfolio. Call us today to know more about the animated explainer video company we are.

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