Why is Voice Over Important in Explainer Videos?

Do you know that professional voice-over can boost the audiences’ engagement when they watch explainer videos? Well, 87 percent of Gen Z and 72 percent of Millennials watch videos with sound. So, as a marketer, you should consider voice-over as an important element of explainer videos.

Surprisingly, the best explainer video services help you to infuse voice-over in your videos perfectly by aligning the script and the voice to communicate the overall message of your brand. Believe it or not, without voiceover (adding human aspect), the video might look dull and drab to the audience. When your target audience listens to the human voice, they can relate themselves with the utterance of words and with the expressiveness of emotions.

Using a professional voice-over for the explainer videos comes up with several benefits. Do you want to know its significance when using it in such videos? If you answered yes, this blog is definitely for you. Read it carefully!

  •  Exhibits Professionalism

Using a professional voice-over artist can help you to run your brand’s message smoothly by adding a human touch. When you hire skilled voice-overs artists, they take time to learn about your company’s products and services before having an actual vocal performance. The accent of the artist depends on the target audience. Suppose the products are accessible to a specific region of the USA, let’s say in California. The narration had to be simple, short, and plain. But always remember that the tone, diction, and pronunciation must be convincing and correctly represent the brand’s image.

  • Delivers Message to the Audience Quickly and Easily

Explainer videos connect your business with the right audience. That is why, when creating a video, you must consider the importance of voice/sound in conveying your company’s core message. A good voice overdraws viewers’ attention to your brands’ story by effectively infusing feelings and emotions to exhibit more depth and authenticity in the story. 

For example, if the explainer video is problem-solving, the tone will be a bit light with a slower tempo. And when it talks about resolving the problem, the tone will be cheerful swiftly. These factors evoke audiences’ interest and trust that makes your videos memorable.

  •  Improves Video Marketing Strategy

Adding voice-over to your explainer videos adds value to the marketing strategy of your company. It is the simplest and the easiest way that spreads more details about the products and services that you offer. 

Not just this, but it can explain complex ideas to the audience which might be different for them to comprehend visually. But when both visual and auditory stimuli are incorporated in such videos, it makes a strong impact on the audiences’ mind.

In fact, when marketers attract the right emotions of the audience, it increases 31 percent success of their marketing campaigns. Well, now you know the significance of the voice-over in the explainer videos

  • Better Call-To-Action (CTA) Outcomes

Your call to action can be outstanding when it delivers your brands’ messages uniquely and memorably. An inexperienced voice-over individual will know how to develop a tone for your story to reach its apex by adding call-to-action when needed. Narrators may change your call to action from a straightforward marketing statement to an effective request by changing their tone or adding a unique twist. 

The use of CTA varies from script to script as well. For example, you’re making a video to explain the features of a mobile app and you don’t want it to sound sales to the viewers. The narrator will utter the words in such a compelling way that viewers will conveniently take action.

  • Boosts Creativity of Ideas

A professional narrator can think of concepts and techniques that an amateur could never think of. They will constantly discover innovative opportunities within your script and develop ways to make words sound more interesting to keep the audience glued to the screen. Simple things like accentuating certain syllables, using unusual tonalities, or switching between different loudness levels can make a tremendous effect. 

Opening up to fresh ideas, and thinking out of the box makes explainer videos more creative and intriguing. Or if you find this confusing, browse online and look for the best explainer video services to accomplish this goal for you. 

Hire the Best Explainer Video Services to Make your Voice-Over Professional and Engaging!

For successful explainer videos, the use of auditory cues is extremely important to grab the viewers’ attention. A good voice-over means that your brands’ message will reach the target audience easily. It does not matter what your product or services are, but what matters is the deliverance that urges them in recognizing the brands’ image in long run.

So, what’s next?

If you are in search of a professional voice-over artist for your explainer videos, contact Simply Explainers for skilled scriptwriters, animators, and voice-over narrators. Give them a call today at (480) 660-2586 for more details and extra services. Your success is our success and makes your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible with us. 


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