Nine Best B2C Explainer Video Examples to Inspire You in 2024

In the realm of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) interactions, the art of communication has evolved dramatically. As we stride into 2024, the power of visual storytelling stands as a cornerstone in engaging audiences and driving brand success. B2C Explainer videos have emerged as a tool, converting complex ideas into captivating narratives that resonate with consumers.
From innovative product presentations to compelling brand stories, these exemplary videos showcase the prowess of visual narratives in captivating and inspiring audiences.
Join us as we explore the top ten B2C explainer video examples that show creativity, innovation, and impactful storytelling to inspire your brand’s journey in 2024.

1. Myca – Productivity Tool Video

Myca is a brand that ensures productivity using modern ways of moving ahead. The video had to be precise and exclusively targeting the problem as most of us use a to-do list to set a reminder.


Take a look at the video of Myca Productivity Tool. The storyline keeps you realistically going. The video shows a smooth transition from problems to the solutions we use, subtly highlighting the flaws we ignore, and introducing the AI-based Myca tool. At the end, a CTA states “Sign Up Today” so the targeted ones can respond then and there.

2. Giveaway App Video

The Giveaway App animation is an excellent example of infusing the how-to video with delivering information. The video begins with “How to use the app” for all the people, followed by different functions designed for POS merchants.
That’s not it; you get to see the problem with the function so the audience can relate better. The experts at Simply Explainer came up with the idea of the Giveaway App video, and the communication is perfect.


3. Art Gharana Video

The brand Art Gharana accurately targets those people living in the West but has roots in the East side of the world. The Word “Gharana” depicts the Indian traditional era to connect with the users.


From the robotic life we live each day to the much-needed art therapy that keeps our minds healthy, the video covers all the aspects. It’s a complete guide to Art Gharana services for all age groups. The colors, art types, benefits of the sessions, and certificate advantage make it unique and engaging.
If you are in the middle of finding inspiration for your next B2C explainer video, this can be it!

4. Isp Mint Video

Isp Mint Video is a fusion of 2D animation and Infographics. Here the problem is genuine for the right target audience, who can’t resist watching the complete video. That’s the power of working with a professional explainer video company. Because at the end of the day, you want your viewers to watch the complete video.


Isp Mint showcases its authority as it is the number 1 wireless internet provider in the United States. The fact is backed by the number of towers the brand has across the US.

5. Streetlevelone Video

Keep it white, simple, and minimalistic, and see the magic your video creates for the audience. Streetlevelone Explainer video did exactly the same by focusing more on negative space. It further used highlighter yellow and green colors defining the brand image in a glimpse.


Take a look at this video. You get to know the brand, find the provided solution, relate your problem, get a good look and feel, and see the CTA at the end. We call it a bundle that has it all!

6. Canada Plastics Video

Whiteboard animation videos always stay in style! Especially if you own a complex business or are related to educational services, this video type will always help your brand. You can be 100% functional and yet make the visuals look attractive.


Check out this Canada Plastics Video emphasizing quality, materials, and benefits without any characters or story. Don’t you find it pleasing despite missing those elements? That’s what makes whiteboard videos unique!

7. System Innovators Video

Only a true artist can begin a B2C explainer video by creating authority for the viewers. The Inovah by System Innovators has transformed the communication style. Instead of a problem, the video showcases users’ trust in Inovah throughout the States.
Take a look yourself!


The perfectly blended brand colors are also depicting trust. The bullet train shows speedy payments and the solutions that the targeted users want to see.

8. GoGov Video

While animation captures attention, using real-life humans and objects in your video is another way to get those eyeballs right at your brand!
Look at this work by Simply Explainer! The experts have embedded humans and real gadgets along with an orange line that directs our eyes to move in the desired direction.


At the end, there’s a subtle CTA that shows the viewers the way forward.

9. Algeternal Video

Another whiteboard animation video with a more complex topic has to be on your 2024 inspiration list! This Algeternal Video explains the science behind algae and a whole procedure that might not have looked attractive in writing.
In fact, the information might have gotten lost in the text. But the whiteboard video has nicely delivered the idea with incorporated colors and text, making it easier to grasp.


Summing Up the Best B2C Explainer Video Examples for 2024

Since we have already provided you with the best nine examples of the videos for 2024, we’re sure your brain is flooded with tons of ideas. That’s the beauty of explainer videos!
Whether you go with 2D animation, infographic video, whiteboard animation, or live-action video, the idea is to communicate the brand message while maintaining the image.
If you are looking for the best B2C Explainer video in 2024, Simply Explainer has to be your only call. Our work speaks for itself! Get in touch and explore the horizons of success your brand can achieve.

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