7 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About 2D ANIMATION EXPLAINER VIDEO

There was a time when we would wake up for school and watch cartoons before leaving the house. We have always had a significant relationship with animations. We adored them and wanted to live in their world. We all had been there, didn’t we? 

Even after growing up, we see animations everywhere. It has become a creative way to promote the business. Many brands opt for 2D animation explainer videos to create promotional content and introduce new products. 

Before we jump on the bandwagon, let us explain what 2D animation explainer videos are. 

What Exactly is a 2D Animation Explainer Video?

If you are from Gen Z, we’re sure you have watched Baby Looney Tunes once in a lifetime. That show is an epic example of 2D animation. This animation is a mixture of artistic technique and media design that creates an illusion of motion in two-dimensional space.  

In the 2D animation explainer videos, we use characters and shapes that travel between two points (linearly). Although there are more than three types of explainer videos, the most effective one is the animated explainer video because: 

  • The humor is intriguing for the audience;
  • The animations are colorful;
  • Animation tends to grab anyone’s attention; 
  • It creates nostalgia;
  • Flawless movements of the characters and shapes are satisfying to watch. 

Note that the characters you use in the animation should match the context of your brand or product. You can use colors to signify your brand in characters.  

Top Seven Secrets of Highly Effective 2D Animation Explainer Videos

We have covered the bases- Let us explore some secret tricks to level up your 2D animation explainer video game and make an epic promotional explainer video.

1. Google Prefers SEO-Optimized Content

People love watching videos more than reading content, and everyday video consumers are growing. It is no secret that Google loves SEO-optimized content. It emphasizes video content because of the engagement. And if you optimize the title and description of your videos correctly, chances are high that Google will show your website on the top. It will bring an organic reach to your page. 

2. It Naturally Engages People

Google optimizes content based on people engagement. And the benefits of using 2D animation explainer videos are not limited to organic growth or brand awareness. But almost 85% of people are inclined to buy when they encounter animation videos on the website. Animated videos engage the audience naturally. We mean, who could resist a cute character with so many colors? We cannot! 

Your target audience can connect with animations without getting bored. Hence, it aids in delivering the right message, engagements, and, eventually, growth in sales. 

Note that: A trick to make your audience glued to your 2D animation explainer video is by putting light humor and funny characters in it. 

3. A Killer Script (Problem Solution- For the Win)

Making a killer script is like breathing life into the videos for animation; the script is like a backbone. Without it, there will be no structure. 

Writing an effective script is essential because it consciously sets up the tone of your brand and the message you want to convey to your audience. But before writing the script, remember that you cannot put anything in the script. Instead, the script should be well-curated, concise, powerful, and appropriate that deliver the right message.

Now take an example of this Elderly Care Products Video. The video is about technology that connects us to our elders. The script of this video directly targets emotions. The audience will feel the urge to communicate with their elders immediately. 

Note that: The audience loves stories, but the last thing they want is for the story to feel scripted. So, make sure to write authentic content rather than forcing stories.  

4. Use Voice-Over to Create Nostalgia

We all love stories, don’t we? But do you remember we all heard stories from our grandma? How could we listen to the stories again and again without getting bored? Well, the answer is the voice. The voice of the people we love emotionally connects us and creates nostalgia. 

However, if a company opts for a 2d explainer video and puts heart and soul into the script- yet pays no attention to the voiceover can negatively impact the quality of the message and video. 

Note: If the voice does not resonate with the audience and they leave in the middle of the video, you will fail to build a trustworthy relationship with them. 

5. Leave Cues for them (Visual and Sensory)

Leaving cues for the audience can help hook their attention. Let us get real we all are deprived of attention. For instance, you add a sound of emergency in the voice-over and visually show a clock ticking. The scenario can create a persona that the audience must take action immediately else they are getting out of time. 

To explain my point, let’s discuss a scene in this Sell Your Used Car with Free Inspection Video

The video shows how a man waited for months to sell his car, and the wait turned into frustration and anxiety. To visually show that, the animator used illustrations of a tree falling. And for a sensory clue, we can hear the screams in the background.   

Note that: Be sure to leave straightforward cues. 

6. Improve the ROI of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old tactic to attract organic clients because this method connects with your old customers. With time, people start ignoring emails and don’t open them. Adding a short 2D animated explainer video instead of a pile of words will be a breath of fresh air for your customers. An added feature to your email marketing can enhance engagement and brand awareness among your potential customers. 

Note that: If you are newly launching a product and opting for a one-off email marketing campaign, you can put a short explainer video in the content. That can increase the conversion rate drastically.

7. Boring Facts and Figures with Adorable Visuals

The business is all about selling. And you cannot sell anything without building trust between your potential clients and your business. If your customer is dealing with a problem, and you are claiming that only your product can solve it, it will require some evidence. 

Showing facts, figures, data, and statistics in a video can dull your content. But fortunately, with 2D animation explainer videos, you can creatively turn the tables. Using bold numbers or colorful infographics can hook your audience, and they can easily understand the product and its benefits. Once the customer understands, they will surely make a purchase. 

Another way to hook clients and make them buy a product is by showing them the benefits of the product. 

Note that: Try to keep everything subtle. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with piles of undigestable information. 


The animated explainer videos are the best and most cost-effective tool to promote anything. Throughout the blog, we have covered the seven secrets to enhance the effectiveness of your explainer video. But remember, there is no hard and fast rule to make a 2D animation explainer video. You can try as many tricks as you want, just do the research, and you are good to go. But, doing things on your can make things difficult to manage, so if you want to, you can browse professional websites like Simply Explainer or any other to take experienced assistance. 

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