How To Write A Great Script For Explainer Videos?

It can be difficult to write an effective script for your video. When done correctly, it can assist you in striking a balance between written content and visualization, effectively communicating how your product can help your target audience with their specific pain points.

Here’s how to write an explainer video script that simplifies complex ideas, tells an engaging story, conveys your brand’s personality, and delivers a powerful takeaway.

What is the Purpose of an Explainer Video Script?

Persuasive video content is a potent tool for boosting digital marketing campaigns. Explainer videos, such as product demos and how-to videos, are a must-have for many marketers, and with reason. They introduce your product to prospective customers, educate them on additional features and benefits, and establish trust.

An explainer video script includes the dialogue that the voice artist (narrator) will say in the video as well as the message that it will convey. It also stands to reason that the manner in which the scenes are described can have a significant impact on the viewer’s mood and decision.

As a result, a well-written script is one of the most important aspects of the explainer video production process.

Understanding the fundamental steps of video scriptwriting and injecting your own creativity into it is what distinguishes your company. Regardless of industry, most explainer video scripts contain five major components: an opening, a problem, a solution, reasoning, and a call to action.

Step 1: Get People’s Attention Right Away

Your video script, like written content, must hook the audience in the first few lines. After all, while the video is a popular medium for learning new things, if the viewer isn’t engaged with it, they’ll move on just as quickly as they would from an article.

The key to engaging your viewers in a video script is to introduce the narrator and what the audience will learn by the end of the video in the first 10 seconds. This can be accomplished through a powerful story, a surprising beginning, a different point of view, or anything else that will give your specific target audience a reason to care right away.

Step 2: Create the Problem

At this point in the explainer video script, your goal should be to communicate the problem to your audience in a way that resonates with them. Consider how this challenge is manifesting in the viewer’s life and how it is limiting them.

Establishing the problem and assisting viewers in relating to it is a good strategy for generating interest and encouraging people to watch the video all the way through. Focus on your target audience’s pain points before revealing your brand’s features and benefits.

Step 3: Display the Solution

This is where you should demonstrate to your audience how your company can assist them. Highlight your expertise and what sets you apart from the competition.

Remember to provide context when presenting a complex idea or data. Statistics are a great way to present insights, but you must also explain why these data points are important to the viewer.

Step 4: Explain the Why and How

Explain why your proposed solution is superior to the competition’s and how it solves the viewer’s problem better than other companies in the market at this stage. If you work in a highly competitive industry, consider emphasizing the disadvantages or inconveniences that your audience encounters when using a competitor’s product or service.

Remember that your script and video should state clear steps demonstrating that your product is capable of solving the aforementioned problem to reassure viewers that you offer the right solution for them.

Step 5: Conclude with a Call to Action

Because explainer video production requires a significant amount of time, it’s critical to have a specific action that will lead your viewers in the direction you want them to go after watching the video. A strong call to action (CTA) that directs viewers to a clear next step is essential for a strategic video marketing workflow and an excellent opportunity to boost conversions.

Only include a single CTA with clear and specific instructions to help your audience understand what you expect from them – and to avoid diluting the power of your call to action.

Make the Most Out Of Explainer Video Scripts

The success of your explainer video can be determined by your story. However, explaining complex ideas and making them memorable can be difficult. Explainer video scripts can be the best way to reach your customers in the most pertinent way possible and give meaning to your videos.

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