How To Discover Your Niche in Explainer Videos?

Bring ideas to life with Top Explainer Video Company! Video marketing for brands, products, or services implores customers to a great extent. Indeed, it is true. There is always a higher demand for explainer videos in the current digital marketing era as the medium delivers brand messages more concisely and simply. 

That is why video marketers are constantly in pursuit of finding the best marketing tactics to capture customers’ attention. After all, marketing is a robust tool that leaves a striking image of your business.

Explainer videos can be the most valuable investment if you do them right. These short clips are compelling enough to elevate your brand name. Thus, stay ahead, and turn your creative ideas into reality with the top explainer video company for maximum growth.

If you own a business or are about to embark on a startup, this blog is for you. Start discovering the niche for your explainer videos with us.

1. Animation Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer videos stand out uniquely and reach the target audience by turning tricky ideas into the easiest and simplest ones. These videos highlight the products and services of your business by fusing audio and visual stimuli.

For example, you sell sports equipment online. The brand compels children, teenagers, and athletes (target market) to create buzz around your items. Keep in mind that adding a video on the website homepage makes it easy for your niche to track “What’s in it for me” and how to reach you.

2. Motion Graphic Videos

Add some extra flair to your videos!

Motion graphics are one of the types of animated video. Most people regard the two terms as the same, but they aren’t because motion graphics mean movement in shapes, figures, and objects. You use attractive and fun-style graphic videos when there is no need for storytelling or narration.

Sharing a sneak peek of your recent apparel collection through motion graphic videos is the perfect branding solution for you. When you engage customers both mentally and emotionally, it pivots their buying choices.

Customize your motion graphic content by adding colors, themes, fonts, typography, geometric shapes, etc. Remember, it should be as per the needs of your audience’s interests and choices. Try using this highly-persuasive marketing solution for your business.

3. Whiteboard Animation (Doodle Videos)

Whiteboard animation uses the power of cartoons to narrate a story. That is why video marketers employ a whiteboard in the form of explainer videos to boost customer engagement and sales. For branding, adverts, tutorials, and the launch of products/services, it gives an instant essence to your brand.

Imagine you are a student and are stuck in quantum theory. Indeed, it is a tough concept to grasp. On the other hand, whiteboard animation videos are the key to quick learning and memory. In fact, 82 percent of students find doodling more appealing than lecture videos.

Since these videos are easy to comprehend, some of them go viral on various social media platforms as well. It, in turn, boosts the chances of shares and views across a broad spectrum of audiences.

4. Kinetic Typography Animation

Experience Endless Creativity!

Kinetic typography animation is the motion of text letters to grab the audience’s attention. It has become quite common in adverts, websites, music videos, and mobile apps.

Adding typography to your videos, makes them look more professional and engaging to customers. It is a smart choice for firms to show their info via text and no voice-over.

Assume this scenario that you want to sell your mobile devices but sadly do not have enough money for pricey marketing campaigns. But you also want your product to reach a large audience. In this case, go for a cost-effective solution, find out the top explainer video company, and ask them to merge motion text with animation. Believe it or not, it will stick your content in people’s minds for a long time.

5. Live-Action Explainer Videos

Live-Action explainer videos refer to the actual footage (human factor) instead of animations, clips, objects, etc. You can use them for many reasons, but they are most commonly used to share customer testimonials about products and services.

Think of yourself in a situation where you own a skincare firm that is still in its infancy in your target niche. However, to gain customers’ attention, you need to share the company’s history, mission, and products/services.

It is here that live-action proves its value. To create authenticity and an emotive link with clients, a spokesperson in a live-action video can clarify the entire business journey. So, going in live-action helps you fetch more leads every time your ideal pitch sums up the brand’s story.

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