How to Decide the Ideal Length of an Explainer Video

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Explainer videos are used by businesses and brands to reach a large audience quickly and easily. According to HubSpot, 81 percent of companies rely on explainer videos to expand the reach of their products and services. Don’t you think that this is the reason for the recent hype around explainer video services? Well, it seems to be true since well-crafted, compelling, and absorbing explainer videos help to gain the visitors’ attention.

But do you know what is the most difficult element of explainer videos? That is “Length”, yes you read it right. Deciding the length of an explainer video is tricky, but keep in mind that almost 68 percent of viewers watch complete videos only if the length is less than a minute.

What is an Ideal Video Length?

The ideal length of an explainer video is between 60 to 90 seconds. Since the average retention time is 1 to 2 minutes, factually, 57 percent of viewers will already acquire half of the information about your products and services. That is why it is extremely important to plan the script carefully before aligning the voice-over with the given timeframe.

What’s Next?

Let’s discuss everything about the length of the explainer videos in this blog to help you reach your target audience as easily as possible. 

  • Be Informative

Explainer videos should not be very short or overly lengthy. If the main purpose of an unnecessarily short, compressed video is to overwhelm the audience’s minds with high doses of information, it will fail to impress. In contrast, if such videos are too long without an appealing factor, they can cause viewers to abandon them before completion. Try to be short, simple, and informative when making explainer videos. If the video is about the products and services, then add relevant details that can showcase the characteristics and features of that specific product/service.

  • Serve a Specific Purpose

Determine the information you want to transmit to your audience ahead of time, as this will aid in setting the right duration of your video. If you have a lot to say, don’t try to fit everything into one video, it becomes complicated and it is not well received by viewers. Keep your video simple and basic by focusing on one idea at a time. 

Let’s suppose a script of 90 seconds contains approximately 180 to 240 words, and you are trying to add a long message into it. Do you think you can attract your audience with the bulk of information in such a short span? It’s a big NO! In this case, try to make your script interesting, you can read and learn about how to write a great script for explainer videos in 5 easy steps. 

  • Keep Content Simple and Precise  

To keep your audience’s attention from the start to the end of the explainer videos, summarize your good ideas and use them in the first few seconds of your videos. You add hooks, for example, “Do you know there will be a summer sale 50% off”? Or you can add any other idea that you feel will be a perfect fit for the products and services. Always remember that you have to use short, simple yet compelling words and phrases that can go easily with the time duration of such videos.

  • Plan Visuals and Voice-Over

In animated explainer videos, images, graphics, and characters help to build a story and the right tone gives life to it. A poorly written text will confuse and distract your viewers from the main message of your brand. So, when it comes to choosing the proper voice-over talent, you can’t just go with the person who has the best reviews or experience but you need to find someone who can create a perfect balance of both text and audio by avoiding too much sales tone. Once these videos are posted on social media platforms, a large audience can gain valuable information in a minimum timeframe.

  • Deliver a Simplified Message

Always try to deliver a simplified message to the audience whether you are telling a story or showcasing your products and services to the audience. Have you seen the TEDTalk videos? If you answered yes, then you must have noticed the time duration which does not last any longer than 15 minutes. Do you know why? Because all factors such as content, target audience, and tone are implemented according to time. You should know exactly who you are attempting to reach and what action you want them to take. It will undoubtedly affect the length of your video. Educating viewers and encouraging them to perform a certain action is not the same as merely amusing them. Make sure you understand this!


Spread your Brand’s Message to a Large Audience with Explainer Video Services!

Explainer Videos are one of the best ways that benefit in captivating the attention of the audience within a limited timeframe. Of course, you need to understand some essential components behind the development of a perfect explainer video, as mentioned in this blog.

Always try to understand everything about the explainer videos. And if you are an animator, try to incorporate content, brand’s message, characters, and tone in such videos and note down the length.

For businesses, there is no capacity for even minor blunders when making explainer videos because it can easily ruin the brand’s image and reputation. So, what you can do is to contact Simply Explainer to give business explainer videos an extraordinary touch. Call them today at +(480) 660-2586 and avail different packages that suit you best. 

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