How To Carve A Perfect Testimonial Video?

Most business owners and marketers will tell you that the best way to get new clients or customers is through word-of-mouth recommendations, not commercials, Facebook ads, or promotional giveaways. Obtaining referrals from friends and colleagues, on the other hand, is frequently circumstantial and difficult to replicate consistently.

This is where video testimonials from clients and customers come in. Testimonials, which have long been used in digital and print advertising, have entered a new era in the age of online video.

Today, we’re going to show you how to make great customer testimonial videos, along with some examples to get you started. Are you ready to begin

1. Use Real Stories And Real People

Using real clients and real stories is one of the most important ways to create impactful testimonial videos. Real clients will not only appear more genuine (as opposed to the paid actors on late-night TV infomercials), but they will also be able to speak from first-hand experience using your product.

2. Emphasize Clear Value Propositions

Once you’ve identified camera-ready clients and chosen the stories to share, it’s critical to focus on the why and highlight the true value propositions contained in their experiences.

Always try to remember the word-of-mouth perspective. What would a potential customer or client ask if they could speak directly to one of your current or previous customers or clients? What would they be interested in knowing? The questions will filter your research areas and you will be able to create a customer-centric video.

3. Create Interesting Customer Testimonial Videos

Finally, while testimonial videos come in a variety of styles and formats — and can be produced on a variety of budgets, you would have to include information that will help drive sales, but if people stop watching halfway through, the video can only do so much. (Or, worse, only a few seconds in).

4. Use Mobile Devices

When creating video content these days, keep in mind that nearly 75% of all digital content will be viewed on mobile. This means that you must deliver information quickly to maintain people’s attention. A short video of one minute will not only keep your message clear and concise, but it may also help you attract new customers.

5. Aim For Conversational Rather Than Scripted Dialogue

Customer testimonial videos should be conversational and sound like real people voicing their opinions, not a PR team’s pitch deck for your company. When writing a script for testimonial videos, try to include as little scripted dialogue as possible.

6. Make The Customer Look Good

In the customer testimonial videos, it is the customer who shines, not your brand or company. That’s unique, and it deserves your admiration as a creator. As a result, you should always put it forward by making your customer look good.

7. Visualize Your Ideal Customer

The customer testimonial videos allow you to reach out to new people while also honoring those who helped you get to where you are. Consider the customer you’ve always wanted to speak with. Perhaps they belong to a different demographic than the majority of people who use your service or buy your products. This can help you get a significant edge over other brands.

Moreover, embed your customer testimonial videos on your website, whether it’s a dedicated product landing page, a reviews page where other buyers leave their rave ratings or fold into your “About Us” page while telling the story of your company.

For social media, create videos in a variety of aspect ratios and lengths. Use it as social proof on Instagram Stories, or include it in your next round of Facebook ads. You can also use it in marketing materials, such as your next 30-second ad spot.

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The Prime Objective 

Finally, all of the best practices discussed above boil down to one thing: making your video testimonial connect with your potential customer. You can use all of the fancy production technology you want, but if your testimonial doesn’t connect with your customer, it won’t get you business.

That is why soliciting feedback from your video’s audience is such a good idea. Send your completed testimonial to a few of your customers to see how they react. Get feedback and make changes to your formula.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to create video testimonials that connect with your audience and convert them into loyal customers. Now, if you feel the need to create customer testimonial videos, make sure you consider Simply Explainer. Because you need the best to be the best. Connect now to get started.

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