Doodle Video? The Hottest New World Trend In The World Of Marketing

“Change is inevitable, change will always happen, but you have to apply direction to change, and that’s when it’s progress”- Doug Baldwin

To be progressive, we need to adapt to new changes in every field of life. The same is with the marketing industry. It is ever-changing, with new trends coming and going. One recent change that has gained a great deal of momentum in recent years with no signs of slowing down is doodle videos. These quick animated explainer videos are everywhere, and some of the biggest companies use them for various reasons.

Doodle videos are beneficial not because they just increase interaction but because they have become the new necessity of the age. Studies show that engaging videos can create many leads and increase conversion rates. Doodle videos play a crucial role in informing customers about products and services. They are best for increasing interest and your chances of being noticed twice as much.

What Exactly is a Doodle Video?

Doddle Videos are the new millennium’s favorite. The videos are best for training and marketing. Before 2009, when Doodle videos first surfaced on the internet, no whiteboard animation software was accessible. In particular, this is an increasingly common method of creating videos for marketing initiatives.

With this, the developers of animated explainer videos made a ground-breaking step forward. Using hand drawings to illustrate the marketing message in animation movies is another innovative approach to doodling.

There are concurrent processes in doodle videos. You see a hand-drawn message display with the explanation of the letter, while the message goes hand-in-hand. Because viewers readily digest doodle videos, marketers rely on the content type to attract new customers.

Types of Doodle Videos

There are many types available in the market. Let us get into little details of it.

1. Whiteboard Animation

In whiteboard animation, animators draw all necessary elements on a white background. It is the most common style available in most doodle video software. You can look at a few examples of videos of whiteboard animation by Simply Explainer.

2. Blackboard Animation

This style is quite familiar to many because it is similar to the school blackboard. Animators use a dark blackboard to create an explanatory doodle video in this style. They help in making complex messages simple and understandable.

3. Glassboard Animation

This style of video doodles is very similar to drawing on glass. In this style, animators display all objects and characters as if on the back of the glass surface. Doodles are quite specific and can be used to give a special effect. For example, to draw graphics or to enhance the response of the author’s presence.

4. Notepad Animation

This style of doodle video involves drawing as if in a notebook. It is also a popular type because of the sense of the reality of the animation. The best software for creating the notepad video is Animaker.

5. Stitchboard Animation

In Stitchboard animation, the background of the drawings has the effect of sewn clothes. It allows you to use it when creating a doodle video with characters, movements, and objects that contrast with the background. It helps in getting a stunning effect.

Advantages of Doodle Videos

There are many advantages of utilizing doodle videos in marketing, but a few are as under;


  • The goal of a doodle video is to communicate a message or tell a narrative through cartoon characters. Studies have shown that short stories are the best way to engage people.
  • These videos provide information on the product’s characteristics and benefits.
  • When we see the handwriting, we patiently wait for the second line to appear while carefully attempting to figure out what is happening with the writing. It annoys the viewer’s curiosity, and they continue to watch.
  • The usage of doodle video is perfect in various marketing settings.
  • Doodle videos help in increasing conversion and sales.
  • They demonstrate excellent Returns on Investment.
  • An animated explainer video with doodles fosters trust. 

Get your Doodle Video with Simply Explainer

Having a doodle video in your overall marketing plan is like putting a diamond in a new setting. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to quit everything else and just add an animated explainer video with doodles to your marketing strategy. You will find incredible results.

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