7 Elements for Making Convincing Explainer Videos

Do you know how to communicate with your target audience uniquely in today’s digital era? Is there any clue or idea in your mind? If you responded a no, we have the right answer for you and that is with the help of explainer videos.

91 percent of consumers say that they watch explainer videos to understand more about a certain product/service. While 84 percent of them believe that they purchase a product after watching explainer videos. That is why we can clearly infer that explainer video production companies are developing and gaining rapid momentum.

No matter what type of explainer videos you create, it needs to have an engaging script, amazing visuals, and auditory cues to attract the right audience to your business.

Here in this blog, some more elements are mentioned to help you make spectacular explainer videos that can elevate your conversion bliss.

  • Brevity in Script Writing 

The script of explainer videos matters more than anything else because it is the first step towards the crafting of such videos. Explaining complicated topics can be tricky but in explainer videos, complex ideas are simplified by breaking long sentences into shorter ones. Your purpose is to engage the audience with your products and services, not to confuse them with difficult ideas and words. So, try to keep everything brief, simple, and easy from the start to the end of the script.

  • Focus on Target Audience

Keep in mind that you do not create explainer videos for yourself or your employees but you are making them for the audience on the global level. Identify who your target audience is and what are the problems they are facing and then specify your products accordingly. Rather than just telling your audience how fantastic your product is, show them how your product or service may help them solve problems or make their life easier in general.

  • Importance of Characters

The use of animated characters is effective in maintaining a strong relationship with customers. People enjoy seeing other people who look like them, even if they are just doodles. These animated avatars set the right tone, create the scenario, and represent the problem and solution better than words can through colors, attire, facial expressions, and gestures. Showing people that look like your target audience brings out the emotions and personality of your company while attracting the attention of your target audience right away.

  • Adding Humor

Explainer videos can be fun and engaging when you add a spark of humor or parody into the script. Avoid overusing humoristic tone in the entire video because it will lose its essence of communicating with the audience. Using humor works well only when you are using animated videos for storytelling. Incorporate light dialogues or narration where you think that it can capture the audiences’ attention. If the subject of the video is dry or complex, a touch of humor is the best for you to choose.

  • Captivating Voice-Over

A professional voice-over artist can have a great impact on the audience by helping to learn more about your products and services. Audio and video are the two most crucial aspects that are dependent on the script since it connects them. The tone and voice quality should be clear, convincing, and engaging. Because an unappealing voice can swiftly wreck even the perfect script, so choose a voiceover artist whose speech captivates rather than makes your viewers squirm otherwise they will instantly click the “close button”.

  • A Strong Call-to-Action

Adding a strong call-to-action at the end of explainer videos gives viewers authority to take further steps. But it also depends on the video type. Suppose the video is informational, so you can add CTA at the corner since the video contains enough info about products/services. CTA’s can be customized whatever you may like to add, it can be some sort of visual or auditory cue as per the need of your business.

  • Incorporating Music and Sound Effects

When you add background music and sound effects at the back of the explainer videos, it can have a positive impact on the audience. It is an excellent way to complement the delivery of a message while also creating an appropriate vibe. For example, incorporating a little fast-paced background music makes your videos livelier. 

Not only this but also sound gives the video a realistic perception for triggering emotions in the audience. Before you proceed, make sure that you have permission to download and use music. It can be sometimes tricky but don’t fret because when you reach out to an explainer video production company, everything becomes easy for you.

Add Spark to your Explainer Videos by Hiring Explainer Video Production Company!

In today’s era, explainer videos are an ideal way to grab your target audience’s attention. A good explainer video communicates all the ideas of products and services effectively to the viewers. And to create intriguing explainer videos, you need to follow seven elements that are explained above in this blog post.

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