4 Animation Styles You Should Consider For Your Business Marketing

Animation is about adding innovation and creativity to make videos playful and memorable, especially in marketing videos. It is something that is now much more than just movies and cartoons. The use of animation in today’s modern era has evolved at a rate that directly influences the ROI (Return on Investment). We must say, letting viewers know your business is not all profit but engagement too.

Previously, creating custom animated videos was time-consuming and expensive. It was almost unrealistic for most teams to produce their own. But not anymore! You can take inspiration from tons of established firms. One is Simply Explainers, which uses different styles to create quick and powerful marketing videos that bring a business to life. These are 2D animation, Whiteboard animation, Infographics, Motion Graphics, and many more. Simply Explainer is a renowned whiteboard explainer videos company.

Types of Animation

Brands are using various types of animation in the world of computer graphics, but 4 of them are the most common today.

1. 2D Animation

Such animation type includes all characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional capacity. Today, it is the most used, popular, and broadly implemented explainer video type. It is a highly versatile style that allows insane customization if done right. 2D animation creates an emotion-evoking piece that can appeal directly to its intended audience. It gives more flexibility to beginners because they don’t have to rely so heavily on drawing skills.

2. 3D Animation

3D animation adds a third dimension and more depth to the graphics. It is another popular type as many movies are using 3D animated characters like Kung Fu Panda. Many children’s films commonly use it as it creates more fun in its style.

It creates a more dynamic environment and helps to build more realistic settings, characters, objects, and textures within the video. That is why customers can see more life-like settings and characters, leading to a better understanding of the product or service. It helps build a personal relationship with the characters, resulting in a deeper relationship with the customers.

It makes customers enjoy what they are watching with bright colors and visuals without making them realize the complexity of an informative video. Similar to 2D, 3D animation still helps tell a story. 3D animation is eye-catching as it draws more attention to the brand. 

In short, 3D animation is a great way to show off products.

3. Whiteboard Animation

It is an animation style where an author ‘draws’ images on a whiteboard by hand. All the drawings are sequenced to accompany a story narrated by the author. It features an illustrator physically drawing the artwork on a whiteboard or other surfaces using pens and markers. This style captivates the audiences as they can see and feel the animation coming to life.

When creating whiteboard animation videos, you need to remember and make sure it’s clear and understandable to the customers. It captures audiences’ imaginations. People want to see the results of others’ drawings as it is pleasing to watch. It is one reason we always ask brands to choose whiteboard animation video companies wisely.

When businesses have more complex and dull concepts, such animation style helps to make them more engaging and easy to understand. 

4. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are not like the previously mentioned types of animation. It has no characters or storylines. This animation style mainly focuses on the ability to move graphic elements, shapes, and text. This style is common for television promotions, explainer videos, and animated logos. The skillset required for motion graphics is unique from other animation styles because there is no need to mimic body movement or facial expressions. Today, Advertisements rely heavily on motion graphics.

Consider Whiteboard Explainer Video Company for your Next Marketing Video

There is a big competition in various promotional activities and branding in today’s modern world. Animation is the key to capturing the attention of your targeted audiences. The business that uses animation in their marketing tactics is much more successful than those that don’t use animation. 

We would say, Don’t wait until it’s too late and your competitors start acing video marketing. Get your animated video with Simply Explainers. We are a professional whiteboard explainer video company. We also know exactly how to perfect other animation styles. 

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