Animated Explainer Video – Is This The Best Way To Explain Your Brand Story?

Table Of Content:

1. What is an Animated Explainer Video?
2. What makes an explainer video a good one?
3. How does it help your business?
4. How are they different from Branding Videos/Advertisements?
5. Why are they necessary for YOUR Business?
6. Need Help for Animated Video Explainers?

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

The animation is just another form of art that developed over time alongside the growth of films. This means when films started to become more technically advanced there was a need to elaborate them visually and aesthetically. Initially, it was only experimental to make drawings move on the screen.

Hence, Animated explainer videos were born.

Chances are that you have heard about the new hype train in town and want to hop on it. What is that hype train? Explainer videos! And rightfully so, given its massive benefits! But more on this later.

So you’ve heard about explainer videos, businesses everywhere are raving about it, therefore you decide to get a piece of it. Fun fact, did you know 87% of the businesses are using explainer videos to boost their sales?

Anyway, first let’s figure out what an animated explainer video actually is, okay? An animated explainer video is just one of the many types of explainer videos that thousands of companies are investing in.

Explainer videos have proven time and again, to be an effective way of communicating with the audience. If a company releases a new product or launches a new service, they make an explainer video on it which conveys the intended message to the viewer effortlessly and in a short amount of time!

Why Explainer Videos are Important?

Animated explainer videos are the most popular form of explainer videos as they are extremely fun to watch, which means they are also very engaging, which in turn means that your viewer sits through the entire video, digesting all the information!

And what does that ultimately mean? High conversion rate! A thing which every new and small business struggles with.  So why are animated explainer videos more popular than the rest? Apart from their high engaging rate, it’s also the most reasonably priced.

Animated videos are a little more complex to make than whiteboard animation or kinetic typography, hence they are also a tad bit expensive. But they are good value for money because of their reasonably sized return on investment(ROI)!

But that’s only when an animated explainer video is done right! Speaking of which, let’s see what makes an explainer video a good one.

What Makes an Explainer Video a Good One?

1. Choosing the best Script

The script is where you need to sit with your team and brainstorm about what you want to put in your video. It’s often advised that the company makes the script as a professional scriptwriter won’t know your company as well as you do!

The length of an explainer video is very important, so you have to make sure that your script is not redundant and that it serves the purpose of your video in the shortest time possible!

2. Choosing the best Length

As mentioned above, the length of the video is extremely important! It’s what decides if the viewer is going to stay put until the end of the video or not.

Conversion rates tend to be higher if the customer watches the full video! It’s suggested that the video should be kept under the 2-minute mark as 77% of the people are going to watch it till the end. After the 2-minutes are up, the percentage drops down to 57%!

3. Personalized for Targeted Audience

One of the core principles of marketing is to market to your target audience!! I cannot stress how important this point is! No matter how many times a man is advertised a pair of heels, do you think he’ll buy it?

Always keep your audience in mind while scripting and animating.  If your animated explainer video misses its mark, then all your hard work and thousands of dollars are going to go down the drain. What a horrible thought!

4. Choosing the best Voiceover

Okay imagine you’re watching a movie, but the audio is really bad! It’s all static and unprofessional and it’s frustrating for you to even watch it. Your whole experience will be ruined!

The same goes for explainer videos. The voiceover is what’s guiding your viewer throughout the whole video. If it’s distracting or unprofessional, then your viewer won’t be able to concentrate on what really matters; the message of your explainer video! That just defeats the whole purpose of it, doesn’t it?

Making an explainer video is like baking a cake. Even if one ingredient is missing, it’s going to fall apart and not look very… appealing.

This is one example of a well-rounded animated explainer video!

So you now know what makes up a good explainer video. But how can you use that video to your advantage?

How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business?

Now that you know what an explainer video is, you need to know how it helps your business. Because ultimately that’s the whole point of it. A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to reaching the right audience.  An explainer video simplifies your business and shares it with the right audience. This not only impacts your sales but is also quite promising for your image and market share.

“The identification of the right audience is key to the success of any explainer video.”

How Explainer Videos are Different from Branding Videos/Advertisements?

A Branding/Advertisement video mostly focuses on grabbing the viewer’s attention. Which is why it mostly uses influencers and celebrities to promote their content videos. Yes, it does captivate the audience and it also generates a ton of engagement, but it is in fact very different than an explainer video.

An explainer video pinpoints and highlights the basic points making complex ideas user-friendly. This gives the viewer a better idea as to what the company stands for, its competencies, nature of work and the products/services provided. Whereas a branding video just glamorizes your content which creates awareness of your brand but it is lacking when it comes to explaining the core of your business.

The idea behind an explainer video is way bigger than a branded video. It conveys why a business exists.

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Why Explainer Videos are Necessary for Your Business?

Answering this question is extremely important for any brand before they get an explainer video made. Knowing what you plan on achieving and when is a huge driver in determining the success of your explainer video. KPI’s should be set accordingly since they will be the guidelines for all future explainer videos made to promote the business.

Now the question arises as to why your business needs an explainer video. Before you dive headfirst into a never-ending stream of dilemma, ask yourself the questions given below.

See? We make everything easier for you by thinking ahead!

1. Do people (other than your peers and friends) know about your business?
2. Are people fully aware of the services/products you provide?
3. Do you feel like you have reached at least 80% of your target audience?
4. Do people listen attentively when you talk about your business?

If these questions made you scratch your head in confusion, and you took more than 5 minutes to answer all these, buckle up because you,  my friend, are in desperate need of an explainer video.

1. Animation gets viewers emotionally connected

I say this because the viewers get interested in your product/service only if they feel emotionally connected with it. The animation and the characters in the video enable the viewers to build an emotional connection with them, and thus, your company’s offering.

The characters in the animated video represent your audience or target market who face some kind of a problem in their lives that needs to be resolved. As the users watch the video, they feel themselves getting emotionally attached to the cartoon characters that are facing the same issues that they are.

The viewers get the feeling that there are actually people in this world who have the same issues as them and this depiction of the problem and resolution tie them emotionally to the animated cartoon characters. Moreover, the animation in the video presents the situation so well that the viewers start to relate to the entire experience.

2. Well presented video dependent upon Animation

How well the video is presented depends a lot on the quality of the animation. Such as,  how good the story-line is, how well the animated characters are created, how the scenes are connected, how the animation of the environment is done in the video, and much more.

3. Problem-Solution Methodology

The viewers not only feel good after viewing and relating to their problems but they also really love the SOLUTION to them! They love how animated cartoon characters are shown facing their challenges and how well the product/service is the solution.

Today, the audience is not only interested in how companies recognize their challenges, but what they really appreciate is that they also provide a solution.  Addressing and properly portraying the problem is relatively easier than coming up with the perfect solution.

Because of this, there really isn’t a strong reason to NOT invest in modest resources into creating and distributing an explainer video for your business when you know how much a single video can impact branding, marketing, and profitability of your enterprise!

So, let’s talk some more about it.

Why do we stress the importance of explainer videos today and why is it at the top of this blog in an article explaining why animations are the best way to explain your brand story?

It’s because explainer videos have completely revolutionized marketing! Today, digital video distribution has replaced all the obsolete ways of messaging! There is really only one BIG marketing approach these days and it’s VIDEO MARKETING.

 4. Your Customer’s short attention span

Today’s customers don’t have enough time to read lengthy text details. They are quick and tech-savvy! Imagine a prospect who’s getting ready for work. He has his smartphone in his hand. He puts that on the table and plays your video. While getting ready, he can easily listen to what the video says but he can’t do the same when reading about product or service details.

Videos are made for your customers’ convenience. So that they can watch them, wherever they are!

5. Animation delivers the Message

The main part of the video is the story and script. But what makes the story and script perfectly presentable for the customers is ANIMATION. The cartoon characters are animated, the environment shown is animated, and all the video scenes are well synced with the animations. So, basically, the animations give the main support to the script and story.

Imagine a video that has a very good story and script and but the animations are subpar at best. Would you like it? Definitely not!

6. Animation perfect displays a Brand Story

The main part of the video is the story and script. But what makes the story and script perfectly presentable to the customers is ANIMATION. The cartoon characters are animated, the environment shown is animated, and all the video scenes and narration are well synced with the animations. So, basically the animations mainly support the script and story.

Imagine a video that has a very good story and script, but the quality of the animation is not up to par. Would you like it? Probably not! You would be more focused on the poor quality of the presentation than the message.

Animation perfectly brands the story with animation, the brand’s story can be perfectly created and presented.  The animation that supports the story can blend with the brand and integrate it into one presentation. The customers can relate to the brand with the story shown in the video.

In short, animations play the most important role in extending your brand’s reach. It enables the audience to establish an emotional CONNECTION with the brand.

Once the viewers get connected with the brand and animated characters, they gain deeper insights into the product/service. The more they can relate to your product/service, the greater the chance that they will take the action you want them to take.

And, in conclusion, here’s a very important statistic: Videos Increase a prospect’s understanding of the product or service by 74%!

Now, let me show you an example of how and why animation is the best way to deliver your brand message!

Did you see how well the story was executed through the use of animation?

Considering myself as an average viewer, what I took away from this is that there is a family like mine, who wants to enjoy the luxuries of life or who wants to buy stuff (like my family wants) but the problem they face is having MONEY! (Like my family). So what’s the difference in our situation? Nothing.

This is the point where I connect to the video. I feel a bit relaxed that there are other people in the world who have the same problem. I get the feeling that there are also people like us who are facing the same situations in life.

I feel that way because the animation in the video helped deliver the message perfectly. After watching it, I am able to relate it to my life! The animation in the video has supported the story so well that it convinced me to subconsciously connect with the story and the characters!

The best part is, the video also gives us the solution in the form of Shopping Sherlock. Now, my family and I can easily register on the site and buy products at a discount or take advantage of deals. My family can also earn money by inviting people to Shopping Sherlock.

What more information does somebody need to make a decision? What else do you need to define your product/service or idea? Is there any better way to address a problem and offer the best solution to it in a concise and entertaining way? Nope!

Need Help for Animated Video Explainers? We Got this

Video Explainers (Trusted By Fortune 500) nothing stands differently, except creativity and passion for work. Our explainer videos are not only imaginative but also inspirational and fun to watch. We believe in innovation and creativity and that’s why we put in our dedicated efforts to bring out the videos that have something new and something unique in them. Our efforts are directed towards making our videos the best examples of creativity, In more than 50 languages.

Video Explainers is the place for you if you are looking for explanations that are effective, pleasing, creative and fun to narrate while you watch. The idea to turn visuals into smart moving objects and then turning them into motion graphics is awesome and we are filled with this awesomeness! Try us!

An explainer video is a short animated video that tells a story in a unique way, making it easy to understand and remember. Explainer videos are useful for brands that provide services that are hard to understand by the common man. Think of explainer videos as that teacher in high school, who explained everything using those cool real-life examples that made even the toughest of topics easier to understand.

Just like that, an explainer video turns your business into bite-sized chunks, that are easily digestible by the target audience. It can make even the most boring services and products, look and sound cool!


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