About Us

Our Profession Is Our Passion

It always fills us with sheer pride whenever we receive the final comments from our clients once one of their projects has been completed. We love what we do and so do our customers.
According to our standards, visuals that produce lukewarm response or worst still, no reaction at all, are nothing beyond squandering your precious liquid assets and time. Our foremost goal with each new project is to unlock the full potential of every idea, product, or business we work on. We take pride in unveiling the full potential of each and every idea that comes our way.
Clients from all quarters approach us with challenging new concepts on a regular basis. Whether it’s a business that seems boring or a product that is difficult to explain, we do what it takes to refine each concept into a simple message that is easy to understand and connects to customers emotionally.

Our Mission (Accomplished!!)

We are still moving at our consistent fast pace to keep our clients’ targets and business objectives on track by whatever means necessary. We strongly believe that we can get people connected into a community and establish trust by telling great animated visual stories that are genuine and coherent with positive ideals.

Our Vision (Implemented!!)

We believe in integrity, commitment and reliability throughout our career path by ardently following our culture of humility and discipline. We play our part in acting fast, whenever and wherever required. We perceive simplicity as an impactful means of creating lasting mutual relationships that pay off positively.

Our Players Make Up Our Working Ethics

Our in-house team comprises a number of key creators which includes Creative Directors, Producers, CG Artists, Illustrators, 2D, Flash and Character Animators, Motion Designers, Graphic Composers, Project Managers, Music Composer, Sound Editors and many others who are the best at what they do.

Our core working ethics is all about attracting, converting, selling and excelling endlessly. Being client and cost-effective simultaneously is what makes us the #1 choice. Our own stakes are significantly higher in the wake of becoming the blue-eyed lad of both the worlds: The Branding World, The Marketing World.

What Gives Us The Upper Hand?

With scores of video making setups spread around worldwide, you may ask yourself: “Why would I flock to Simply Explainer?”

Well, with Simply Explainer you will get to know about our unique aspects, a handful of which are stated beneath:

  • We set credible and realistic timelines and achieve them.
  • Once we take up your assignment, you are automatically “inducted” into our team by becoming an intimate part of our loop, for updates and approvals at each and every phase.
  • We are great and shrewd storytellers! (It’s our aim to save you time and dime — So, see no further when your desire is to transform something mediocre into something meaningful!)
  • We boast a highly creative staff that is familiar with 360ᵒ solution according to the client’s business, various industries, and business models with their functioning, all of this culminating in a series of visuals that sets you apart.

Take Our “Tour of Expertise”

Select us, and you won’t need to think twice. Ask us for any information related to animation, and we will answer openly because you are important to us. Get a brief idea and prepare yourself for a larger-than-life scope.

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2D Cartoon

2D Cartoon

Through us you can create spellbinding graphics to show your customers how your product looks and functions.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animations are considered a fascinating strategy for passing on complex conceptions in an insightful way.

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From budding startups to established enterprises, we reduce the complex relationships via visualizations on clients' requisites.

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Essentially, our kinetic typography videos are meant for holding your audience spellbound by our artistic work.

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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics seek to strengthen your message and your brand through well-perceived processes and precise details.

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Logo Animation

Logo Animation

Let us ready you for an amazing 3d animation video comprising nice and catchy special effects, sound effects and backdrop music.